River session reaches quota Sat 16Nov13

TR by eyetag

Wind: 10 knot N then S change 10 knot
Current: Run out tide
Launch Point: Noosa Heads Lions Park
Participants: Eyetag

After paddling in Laguna Bay for almost 4 hours yesterday morning without a touch I wasn't happy with my quota for the week so after a quick look at the tide chart I decided to give the river a try. I arrived at Ricky's around 9.pm to find some surface action which turned out to be small Bigeye Trevally.

Not happy with the size I headed to the river mouth and on arrival my Gold Bomber got smashed,a couple of minutes later I landed a nice Bigeye and for the next 90 minutes they kept coming aboard,around 15 of them and I kept 5 all between 40 and 50cm,until the current picked up and the danger of being taken across the bar by a fish got the better of me.

I paddled back to Ricky's and did a few drifts with Gladiator prawns,which produced Bigeyes,a nice Jack and on the return trolls the dreaded Hairtail. Then after about 4 hours in the saddle I was satisfied with my quota so home I went.

A Hairtail's mouth is one place you don't want to put your hands.


  1. Nice catch Ian. Look forward to some night river fishing when I head up in a few weeks time. Beejay

  2. Nice catch Ian. Good to know night fishing is still producing the goods. Beejay

  3. Ps those hair tails are grisly, the teeth will mark a stainless steel blade easily as you may well know. I have heard they are a fair table fish, not that I have tried or kept any.