JS whales, 28Sep11

Subject: fishing 28Sep11
From: Pete
Date: 29/09/2011 7:37 AM

Hi All,

Went for a fish at JS launching around 9am (late for me, discovered the expected solar panels not coming till next Wednesday). Really hard to find a park. Caught a 70cm spotty mac over the pin on HB on arrival as well as 3 keeper snapper and 2 nice sweetlip. Threw back about 8 small snapper and sweetlip.

Also hooked a turtle on squid which was a bit of fun getting the hook out.

Saw short lived surface boils at JS and managed to lose a pilly to one that happened close by, thinking more spotties. The headland had birds working for an hour as well.

Had a whale and calf heading straight for me, and when I had visions of being tipped out, whales about 50mt away, I tapped the side of yak and watched them put on brakes, dive and pop up in the opposite direction.


Noosa River, 25Sep11

Subject: Fishing Sunday 25-09-11
From: "Ian"
Date: 26/09/2011 6:42 PM

Hi all

I launched from Lions Park Noosa Heads 8pm, trolled around the shore line of the Inner Woods Bay and didn't get a hit so I headed straight to the top of the Outer Woods Bay. On arrival I saw fish feeding quite actively on the surface, not in big boils but they were spread over a large area. I stopped paddling and with my first cast of a Gladiator Prawn I landed my first Big Eye Trevally and for the next 3 hours I had quite a lot of fun landing 14 Big Eye from 35-40cm and losing 2 fish that I couldn't stop. I was casting the Gladiator Prawn and trolling a hard body (not at the same time). I then paddled home around the back of the Sound where I landed 2 Jewies which took my trolled hard body.

call sign;eye tag

Laguna Bay, 24Sep11

Contributions from, in sequence: richmond, imax, windy
Subject: Fishing 24 Sep 11
From: "Jeff Adams"
Date: 24/09/2011 11:39 AM

Hi Yakkers,

I arrived at MG first light this morning, only to find Imax and another yakker already on the beach about to launch. By the time I was ready to launch they were well gone and heading to JS or SR I think. I radioed a few times during the morning but had no reply.

I headed to Little Halls close in to the beach with very, very little bird activity. I was trolling a 8 metre Crazy deep minnow and a BIG bait which I had set up as a flatline, hoping for a Cobia or a late/early season Spaniard. I was fishing the bottom half of the water column today, it didn’t work for me. I also had a slug loaded ready to cast. This outfit didn’'t get used all day and I never turned a handle on my 2 troll outfits.

I trolled around LH for a while and then went out to Halls where I saw Maverick in his stinky. He had had no luck at that stage either.

I did see 2 Longtail jump clear of the water at LH but that was it for me. Also on the top of the tide this morning there was a bit of bait flicking right at the river mouth with no birds on them.

I’'ll keep persisting with the trolling I think, only 1 Mack Tuna from my past 3 trips. I was back on the beach at 9.30am.

The pelagics will be here soon.

Jeff (Richmond)

Re: Fishing Saturday 24Sep11
From: "Dan"
Date: 24/09/2011 10:30 PM

Hi Yakkers,

As Richmond said Windy and I launched in the dark this morning. Sorry you couldn't get us on the radio Jeff, I had it in the hull to launch and then forgot about it until about 7am. I did try calling from JS a couple of times myself but couldn't get hold of you.

The plan had been to head to Sunshine Reef but with the Northerlies predicted I suggested we go to Jew Shoal instead. After a pass over the shoal watching the sounder I marked a few likely drift routes. We set up for the first drift and as soon as our baits and plastics got near the bottom they were being hit. Windy got first blood, from memory a little pinkie. He actually had quite a few on the board before I managed to land my first of the morning. We were mostly picking up squire and grassies. Heading back to reset a drift I went across a nice school of bait with lots of big arches around. Setting up to cover this area I pulled in another squire and then came up tight on a good fish. It turned out to be a fat 43cm snapper and my first legal snapper landed off Noosa in nearly a year. We worked this school of snapper for a few more drifts but couldn't pull anymore legal ones out. It was about now the wind changed to a Northerly and I started to feel very green so called it a day. The majority of our fish and my good fish came off the plastics. The different part was both Windy and I were dead sticking our plastics while we fished baits.

Jeff you mentioned bait flicking at the river mouth. Out at JS we came across a school of bait on the surface. I don't know what they were but they were mouthing on the surface like mullet. Does Noosa get schools of small mullet out at JS? Last weekend I was trolling 2 deep divers and my crazy deep did have a big hit as I went over LH. I reckon it will be worth persisting with the deeper depths. After looking at the water temperatures off the Qld coast I also think that it will not be long before the pelagics are back in force. Bring on summer.

Dan (Imax)

RE: Fishing Saturday
From: Bryant Widnyana
Date: 25/09/2011 10:25 AM

Gday All,

Further to what Dan has said, I ended up staying another hour or so out at JS with not much action apart from undersized squire. Though close to lunch time I did get to see the most amazing site of my life. It all started at once, first I found the water was becoming unbelievably clear the closer to the headlands I got, then as I dropped my bait down I watched as hundreds of small fish came up to pick at it. Then a school of small cobia came up right next to my yak, clear as day, as if asking for a small feed. I was fixated, feeding them small pieces of salted bonito only to be distracted by a blowing noise that sounded like it was coming from right behind me. So I turned the yak and went to explore what it was. I saw a sea turtle about 1m long and thought "gee thats a big noise for such a small turtle" (1m isn't small but for the noise it was making it was).

But then I heard it again and as i looked up I saw a huge splash of water about 1-2km out. I watched and watched... WHALE! It started playing on the surface about 2km out. It was launching and splashing and just having fun I think. Amazing... Totally amazing. I was too slow on my camera which is dissapointing, but it didn't end there. On my way home a pod of dolphins decided to follow me, which again was beautiful. But sadly It took me a while to remember I still had two large hardbodys trailing behind me. As I was slowing down to bring them in (even though I didn't think that dolphins took lures) they both went off at once. Due to the speed and ferocity in which they took off I immediately went for scissors to cut the line. There was absolutely no way that it was a pelagic on the end. To confirm this after both lines where cut a few members of the pod started to jump out of the water as if distressed. I have never felt so bad in my life. Has anyone else had this experience?

To finish off the water gods repaid me by a nice capsize on the return to the beach which I justly deserved. Lost my 37cm snapper and sunnies. I didn't even get upset at being humiliated in front of all the beach goers. What comes around goes around.


Pedro at Halls, 19Sep11

Subject: Fishing today monday
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 18:13:20 +1000
From: Pete

Hi All,

Fished LH for one small snapper then Halls with not much happening till just before high tide around 11am when I managed to bag 5 sweetlip and throw back three small snapper.

Towed HB and gar there and back with no hits and no surface action.


Windy's first trip, 18Sep11

Subject: Fishing Sunday 18Sep11
From: Bryant Widnyana
Date: 22/09/2011 6:27 PM

G'day Everyone,
Had a great time last weekend (my first time out at Noosa). Few Squire, an Emperor, a 800mm thresher and a big wobbegong all on bait and SP's. Dan and I both got a hit trolling hardbodys to LH but sadly both decided they weren't going to play.

I am thinking of hitting SR early this Saturday. I am not to sure about how the weather conditions that I am reading online will have an effect on the water due to not being familiar with the area. Any recommendations? And is anyone else heading out?


eyetag and wal, 17Sep11

Subject: Fishing Saturday 17Sep11
From: "Ian"
Date: 19/09/2011 9:29 PM

Hi all,

I had a paddle Saturday morning with Wal Ahti. We trolled hard bodies doing a couple of laps from the RM to LH. We got a Squire each and I was lucky enough to get a Mack Tuna around 6kg and a Hammerhead around 4 feet. They were all released.

Sorry I didn't get the report up earlier but I did an over nighter up Double Island in a stink boat and I'm still recovering.

call sign;eye tag

Dead as, JS, 15Sep11

Subject: Fishing Today 15 Sep 11 From: "Jim Thompson" Date: 15/09/2011 10:12 PM G'day Hookers,   A quick report on my trip to JS this morning. Similar to LeRoux's findings... it was dead as a door nail! I tried three different marks over a 2.5 hr period for only a couple of nibbles and a little wire netting cod. I don't know whether the old wives' tales were being active, but it was a clear moonlit night and there was a brisk/cold NW wind blowing until about 0845. My suggestion for anyone going out Frid-Sun, try Lt Halls/Halls (particularly if the W-NW breeze prevails) and/or SR.   For any of the regular NY going out on Sat or Sun, would you please welcome and provide any advice/help required to new NY Bryant Widnyana (AKFF "Windy") up from Brisbane for his first outing with NYs.  He intends to be at the MG car park by 0530 on Sat.   For Des and Dan I have recorded your radio callsigns as "Stretch" and "Imax" respectively.    Cheers Jimbo

Pedro at JS, 07Sep11

Subject: Fishing 7Sep11
From: Pete
Date: 7/09/2011 4:30 PM

Hi All

Overall a nice day on the water out at JS.

Ended up coming home with two average sweetlip and one keeper snapper, missing six or seven bigger fish due to line breakage or not hooking up.

Glad to say I came in upright through a decent swell (plenty of onlookers).