Another first for redwood. 28Nov13

TR by sunshiner, with photo contributions by redwood

Wind: light E to light W
Swell: 1m SE
Current: none
Launch point: Middle Groyne
Participants: jaro, jimbo, dugout, redwood, turtleboy, pedro, sunshiner

It's not often I go yak fishing and I don't take any pics but it happened today, only because there were no fish caught in my vicinity.

True to the forecast, the wind had dropped right away to almost nothing by 3:30am, my get-out-of-bed time today. By 4:00am I was at Middle Groyne ready to launch, with just enough light from the waning moon to see clearly that there was no white water at all at our launch point.

Pedro had launched about 3:30, as he'd predicted, as he was almost at Jew Shoal by the time I spoke to him by radio, immediately after I launched sedately through the tiny shore break. Just behind me were jaro and redwood with the remainder still not present, although dugout was by this time making his way, as usual, on foot from his home on Noosa Hill, trundling his Swing to launch in the corner of Main Beach. Welcome back, Doug!

Sunrise as seen from near the river mouth. What were those two commercial fishing boats doing there? Pic by redwood.

Although today was perfect, weather-wise, the fish just didn't show up, at least in the first three hours or so. Mutton birds are still hanging around and a few terns could be seen after sunrise, but fish action was paltry.

Dugout trolled a Spaniard Special from the shark nets to A-Bay and back for zilch. Jaro, pedro and I fished Jew Shoal for several grinners (although pedro was left out there alone and may have a result by now). Jimbo, redwood and turtleboy worked over the river mouth, Little Halls Reef and Halls Reef areas for one undersized Spaniard. Only two micro-burst bustups were reported and jimbo spotted two tuna leaping near him at one stage.

Redwood's first Spaniard, estimated at 70cm. Released boat side after capture at river mouth. Pic by redwood.

It was notable that jaro and pedro fished with baits for several hours around Jew Shoal and caught only grinners. The water is clear and warm and plenty of baitfish were visible on sonar, down deep, at Jew Shoal.

Beautiful day though!

Kev Long
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  1. Well done Redwood! Undersize or not, a spaniard is still a spaniard!

  2. Cheers Gemini. Few cm short on Kingy and now the Spaniard. Bugger! They are there and one doesn't have to go far. Most of the stinky's were all slow trolling around LH. Spanish Special is the go.


  3. I stuck it out at JS till 11.30 for zilch, then trolled to L Halls,across the river mouth and back at MG around 1.30
    Other than a few more bust ups by mac tuna the bay was quiet.