Quick session with a long battle 03Nov13

Sunday 3rd November 2013

TR by eyetag

Wind: 15-20 knot N/NW
Current: Run out tide
Launch Point: Inner Woods Bay Noosa
Participants: Eyetag

After launching at 11pm from Woods Bay,because the Lions Park was not available due to the Noosa Tri,I headed to Ricky's current line only to find a very stiff N/NW breeze,I thought I'm here so I may as well give it a try. I did a couple of drifts with the Gladiator Prawn and got a nice Jack and a small Spotted Grunter Bream, or commonly named Javelin fish.

The wind made things a bit too difficult and there was also a lot of phosphorous in the water which often brings out the big predators and the smaller fish go into hiding so I decided to troll around the Noosa Sound and back to my launch point. Things were very quiet until I was just entering the Inner Woods Bay when my Gold Bomber was smashed by what I thought was a Jack,then it grew to a big Jack and then it kept on growing and growing and after an epic 40 minute battle on 12lb braid and a lot of one handed paddling to avoid boats,jetties and anchor ropes I finally got colour and saw a foul hooked Bull Shark that was around 2 metres long. I managed to get a quick photo before cutting him free. That was one lure I wasn't phased about losing.


  1. Good effort getting out at late-o-clock again Ian. The shark must have given you plenty of heart stopping moments.

  2. Ian, can't believe you brought in a 2m shark foul hooked and with one handed paddling! Take that Robson Green!


  3. Ha, and Emma Moffat was worried about a little water snake. This would certainly have got her heart rate up and running ! New PB and Noosa Tri record time.

  4. Bet you weren't whispering to that particular fish when he came in close Ian. :)

  5. I am interested in the grey line on top of the shark. Is that a sucker fish / remora?
    Dave (tunny)