Pt Ark twosome, 29Sep10

Subject: fishing yesterday pt Arkwright
From: Pete
Date: 30/09/2010 9:20 AM

Hi to all,
Met Geoff at 4.30am and headed out on the water by 4.50. Easy launch with 1ft swell, 10-15 knot nw'er, abating to a glass out by 9.00.

Easy paddle (pedal) out, I drifted with the wind and Geoff had a couple of goes at paddling back in closer to shore, fishing with bait and pulled in a squire.

Geoff paddled out after a couple of hours towing a lure. As soon as he got to me he got a hit on his lure and pulled in a nice 45cm snapper.

I watched a full rainbow over Mt Coolum and the whales frolicking, with a couple of snap offs on the reef but no fish to show.

Pulled in a cod but put him back. Geoff headed in about then and I fished for and hour or so still with nothing to show for the efforts.

Landing was easy, I'm getting better at judging the dumpers and back pedalling accordingly.

Waiting for the wind to drop for the next trip.

Email from Geoff
Morning all,

What a great few days at Noosa. Obviously, I'm back in Gympie now as that forecast wind had arrived. Mon saw my first trip with Sunshiner and Maverick. Not a day for the fish but very enjoyable. My GPS mark for
JS [courtesy of a fishing publication], had me heading way south of S and M.

The wet/n/wild thing with the whales was a bonus, especially when M tried to park his yak on top of one.

The yakkas were a good test for my gear and good
bait. A very easy run to the sand and thanks, guys for a good start.

Tues, I spent the morning in the river trolling around. The Halco accounted for a nice estuary cod up towards the river mouth, then later a GT down past the NY@R club. At dusk I drove to the river mouth to see if there were any tailor around. After almost an hour, when I was just thinking of food, a 69cm flattie made himself my PB record.

Thanks to Peter for organising a Wed trip down to Pt Arkwright. A good carpark and access ramp made a good start. Mind you, my yak got awfully heavy after the tow back up the ramp.

There was a bommie showing on Peter's sounder and he'd hardly cleared the surf zone. I had a few pillies and yakka flesh plus a SP. A nice squire came aboard and I was getting used to using my sea anchor as well. I lost two lots of gear plus two more snags that I got away from. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared with more backup gear so I opted for the trolling trip out to see Peter and let him know I would work my way back in and call it quits.

It was there that the snapper hit the Halco and nobody could spoil my day from there on. In the photo, you'll see the gaff handle is exactly 50cm long so I'd put him at 59-60cms. Sorry Pete, beginners luck.

On the return trip around 300mts from the surf, I came onto a large school of activity. Not predator type activity, more like fish just schooling. I flung a Halco slug around and through to no avail, and even towed the Laser around but no luck. Pete, did you spot them on your return, I saw you in closer just before I left? Maybe some of the more experienced of you could
enlighten me.

Wed arvo I ducked into Davo's for some swivels and ran into Eyetag. After useful discussion with him, and earlier, Peter, I was probably fishing a bit
too heavy that morning. He also thought the school could have been Bonito.

Davo's "daily catch" board said snapper to 5kgs at DI from a yak. Eyetag didn't know the name of the angler, but we both agreed that a trip there has got to be on the agenda.

As I said, a great few days, I learnt heaps, and am even more hooked than before.
Callsign JaG ONE

First time for Jag1, 27Sep10

Subject: fishing today
From: sunshiner
Date: 27/09/2010 2:39 PM

Cloud cover: cloudless
Wind direction & speed: none
Sea state: flat
If applicable (often at NSR): current: little discernible
Moonrise/set: 9.00pm/9.00am

Participants: Geoff (jag one); Stu (maverick), Kev (sunshiner)

Above: Sunday afternoon's forecast

I hadn't been out for a paddle for over a week, what with foul weather last week and family and work commitments but the opportunity popped up for today so I grabbed it. I'm presently filling in for Jaro as NY trip coordinator as he's shot through to Africa in search of bigger game (mumbling something about a hippo on 30kg gear...). Oh and that reminds me: Jaro asked: "Also could you take me off the yakkers mailing list till I come back and let all the others know." So there, I've done it. Please comply all of you trip report writers.

Today was Geoff's first trip out with Noosa Yakkers so I opted for Jew Shoal (despite the great trip that whalebait and eyetag had at Sunshine yesterday) and a 7.30 pm late start (this because I think I'm getting a bit wussy). In retrospect, an early start would have been good but I was knackered last night after all of my other commitments.

Geoff was on the beach really early but hung around until I arrived, shortly after which time Stu also drove in with his Prowler on the roof. Glassy day!

Geoff (jag one), with his double kayak which he drives from the rear seat. Love the tights (he used to be in the Gympie Ballet Squad ;-) ).

As you can see, the sun's well up and the sea's well flat. The launch was a doddle, as you'd expect and as often happens, the Main Beach Mob (dolphins) came up to greet us as we sat out the back preparing for the journey.

Soon we three were paddling for Jew Shoal. Geoff was leading the way, possibly having been overcome by the adventure of it all (as have we all), and left the beach without pausing. But we were all in contact by radio so, Noosa Yakkers, please make an effort to memorise the two new call signs and their identities in the fleet.

Stu was a little in front of me as I had to set up and try out a couple of new modifications (pic later) before paddling off. I saw him pause and point down. When I arrived a couple of minutes later he was enthralled and related how one of the dolphins frolicking nearby had deliberately swum under his yak three times, very close. These are wonderful encounters and if you paddle in the Bay enough, sooner or later it'll happen to you, too! More encounters with larger mammals later...

Just approaching the shoal Geoff got a hookup on his Laser Pro. Turned out to be a nice yellowtail, ideal fresh bait.

Guessing, not completely correctly as it turned out, that there might be a SW breeze I headed for A3 01, on the SW corner of the shoal. We assembled there, like three ducks on a millpond, waiting in vain for a breeze to push us across the reef. After about 15 minutes my GPS showed a slight drift in that direction but the breeze was all but undetectable to humans. And the sun was hot, especially after the 35 minute paddle out to the reef. Memo to self: leave MUCH earlier in future, as we normally do in summer.

A loud yell from Stu woke us up a little. "It's a biggie!" He must have learned this from Jaro, I think. His rod was bent, his reel was screaming and his yak was leaving a wake behind as it ploughed through the ocean powered by WHAT. I called it for a shark and reminded Stu that the max size limit for sharks was 1.5m, also remarking that he'd have to throw it back because there was no way this one was going to be less than 1.5m long. Stu, ever the optimist (a fine trait for a kayak fisherman) reckoned a cobia or a jewie had snaffled his pilchard bait. One thing for sure was that it wasn't a snapper or sweetlip.

Stu (maverick) part way through the fight.

I was ready with the camera but eventually Stu saw it -- a huge stingray. A bust off was the only viable option so Stu put the pressure on and soon the stingray was free.

After this I opted to fish the shallows around the Pinnacles but Stu and Geoff hung around the deeper water to the north. Was that a snort I just heard? The radio came to life. Stu's telling me that "There's a big-ass whale just behind us". I glanced over just in time to see a huge tail disappear as the owner headed straight for my two companions. This next stuff is hearsay (from Stu, in the carpark later) but he asked me to tell all about it. Apparently a whale calf, its mother and another adult whale passed S & G only a few metres away. This last adult whale then turned back and proceeded to roll belly up just under the kayaks, very close. Stu and Geoff had done the right thing and got their lines in but were left in no doubt that the whale was examining them out of curiosity. That's a great whale experience for Geoff on his first trip. Hope you give us an eyewitness account, Geoff. Stu got some pics on his phone which may prove suitable for distribution.

I headed home soon after this but first took a pic or two of the new sounder and GPS setup on the Stealth. Some others may get some ideas from this.

The "tray" on which the fish finder, GPS and big camera are arrayed is stowed in the hatch for surf zone transit (as are the items it holds). It is held in place by a single bungee cord latch. It takes only a few seconds to position and does not interfere with fishing or paddling. The tray sits firmly on top of the plywood panel bolted to the hatch lid and to which are permanently attached my pliers and knife. The GPS sits happily in a specially shaped slot.

On the way home I encountered another whale and calf which swam directly under the yak. I also got a strike on my trolled Laser Pro but when I looked around I could see a dolphin dorsal fin between me and the lure so surmise that perhaps a dolphin collided with the trolling line, causing the drag clicker to scream. In any case there was no fish attached to the lure.

Back at MG it was high tide and there was a tiny wave rolling in so I had three beach landings today, getting a feel for how the Stealth performs on small waves. 'Twas a fast ride in each time although rideable waves were few and far between!

Back in the car park Stu arrived before I left and told me that he'd encountered a quite big shark swimming north between the shark net and the beach, on which were frolicking lots of holidaymakers.

Thanks for coming along, Stu and Geoff. Geoff, please let us know how you finished up.

Above: Forecast for the rest of the week as at 2.30pm today. Anyone considering a trip? Maybe Wednesday?

Red & white Stealth Supalite, black paddle
VHF channel 09 or 22 (if alone), Call Sign: sunshiner

Big Day for IT, WB, 26Sep10

Subject: fishing today 26-09
From: "brian"
Date: 26/09/2010 5:25 PM

Hi All,

Just a quick report from today....

The weather gods and the commitment gods finally lined up for me, and a last minute spur of the moment decision saw me heading out from MG @ 5:15am in ample light due to the recent full moon.

Headed straight to SR close in where I found eyetag with 3 grassies already on board.

What followed was chaos for a while - multiple double hook ups on snapper, more sweetlip, bonito, squid and a very fortunate pearlie which jumped oveboard.

Sorry no photos unless Ian gets his email probs sorted out later, but I think the final take home catch was 10 snapper, 1 squid, 2 bonito, 9 sweetlip, 1 spangled emperor, and a tusk fish.

A couple of the snapper were up to 50-55cm, with the majority around 40cm.

The bite definitely slowed as the morning progressed and the fish were taken on variety of plastics, baits and blades.

Ian also did very well on Sat.

Cheers Brian

And from Ian
Subject: Fishing Sunday 26th September 2010
From: "ian"
Date: 26/09/2010 6:08 PM

Hello fellow Yakkers,

What a day Brian and I had today. I dropped my first bait at 5.30 sat the rod down put the other rod with a blade on it just off the bottom and sat it in the rod holder. Then I picked up the baited rod waited a few seconds and whack I was hooked up and landed my first Snapper. Before I'd stowed him the blade had a fish on, this time it was a Grassy.

Then I heard Brian call on the radio. I answered and got back to the fishing. By the time Brian arrived I had 2 Grassies, a Snapper and a very nice Squid. It wasn't long before Brian had his first Snapper and it kept on firing most of the day with double hook ups happening more than once to us both.

Between us we ended up with 10 Grassies 49cm-40cm, 9 Snapper 60cm-40cm, 1 Spangled Emperor 46cm, 1 Tusk Fish 40cm, 1 Pearl Perch 45cm and the Squid which measured 75cm with a mantle almost 30cm long, with quite a few legal Grassies and Snapper released. They were taken on big Bananas, plastics and a 1 oz blade.

The day was about as good as it gets and with the fish playing the game it couldn't get much better.

The photos are of my fish only. Brian had a similar looking bag with his biggest Snapper I'm estimating was 55cm.

This was one of double hook ups about to happen. Check out the conditions.

Ian Tagg

Big Bargara longtail, 14Sep10

This Trip Report was posted on AKFF because we were outside our normal territory, at Bargara near Bundaberg. It's of particular interest as it features the capture in shallow water of a large longtail tuna. The report is viewable here.

Jag1 at Rainbow, 10Sep09

Subject: anyone scaring a snapper tomorrow?
From: "geoff stolberg"
Date: 10/09/2010 3:15 PM

Just a follow up to my R/beach trip yesterday. On the down side, no fish. However, I had a great day enjoying the paddling and getting back the feel of the yak. The wind was on from about 10.00am and didn't abate. I spent some time at Bullock Pt area then took a drive to D/Island. The beach has heaps of sand and is easy driving. You could drive from Noosa to RB on sand.
The area north of DI was messy so I went back to Inskip just up from the barges. There is a pretty strong tidal run to the bar there, and with the wind blowing opposite, it made for some interesting kayaking. Fortunately, the sounder worked fine, I tried out a few different lures but the fish on the screen were on a break.

Both Max Bond and commercial grade construction silicone Do Not adhere to the yak shell. The waves pounding caused my battery foam rubber mount to come adrift. It needs to be screwed in firmly. Saw a few turtles but no whales, but had a great day!
Really looking forward to the next trip.

Sweetie at JS, 09Sep10

Subject: fishing today -- 09sep10
From: sunshiner
Date: 9/09/2010 3:36 PM

Cloud cover: up to 5/10, but generally clear sky
Wind direction & speed: calm, except a NE breeze sprang up about 1115
Sea state: low swell, smooth
If applicable (often at NSR): no current at SR or JS
Moonrise/set: new moon, therefore Rise: 0557 Set: 1833

Participants: Pete, Jaro, Kev

Although we weren't aware that he was going fishing this morning, when we saw Pete's car in the carpark we knew he was out there, probably at Jew Shoal. Soon Jaro and I were trundling down to the beach, following Pete's yak trolley trail through the soft sand. During his final pre-launch check at the water's edge Jaro discovered that his paddle was missing. Oops. Fortunately it was in the car to which he scampered (as only a 67 yr old with an artificial hip can scamper) to get it while I took a pre-launch pic.

0555hrs. Way lighter than it was at this time a month ago. We could have got out 30 minutes earlier.

As you've guessed, the launch was a doddle. Even so, I still got a wet arse in the Stealth as that goes with the boat; the seat cavity fills with water in even a tiny little break. Many terns and a few gannets were excitedly hunting just off the beach but there were no surface splashes to get us excited and before long we were heading off for Sunshine Reef on a glassy sea.

I noted that we got to Hells Gates in just 30 minutes so it seems the Stealth has an edge in speed on the Espri, as you'd expect. Jaro opted to try to find a fishing spot closer to the headland while I headed to my A4 05 which is 1.5km out. Despite the fact that there were lots of little fish showing on our fish finders we'd caught nothing except a giant grinner (by Jaro, to his disgust) by the end of the first hour's fishing. Conditions were superb, with a smooth sea and the tiniest of breezes propelling us gently toward the north. A couple of whales appeared close by and distracted me for a while but soon I suggested a run for Jew Shoal and Jaro agreed so off we went, trolling as we travelled.

Half way to JS we encountered Laguna Bay regular Paul from Palmwoods (AKFF: salticrak) in his Adventure Island so we stopped for a chat before he departed toward the SE.

Approaching JS I spotted Pete in his blue Hobie and headed toward him to find out how he'd done. While he reported slow action at least he'd bagged a few keepers (2 small snapper and 2 sweetlip), fishing with pilchards. I noticed that he was much further east on Jew Shoal than I usually fish so I took a good look at the fish finder as I left him to start fishing myself. Very soon a beautiful 2-3m bommie showed up in 20m depth so I paddled upwind a little and then cast the soft plastic in my usual fashion hoping that some of the fish I spotted on the sonar were hungry. Bam! A solid strike followed by several dogged runs told me that I'd hooked a decent fish so I played him gently and before long a beautiful grass sweetlip was brought to the yak.

0857hrs. My day was made. This fish was all I needed.

Close up of sharp end. The last thing seen by many critters.

Conditions continued to be superb but the fishing remained slow. A mother humpback whale and her calf amused me nearby for a few minutes as they sauntered past in playful mood and I spent some time chatting to Pete.

Pete and his boat in Laguna Bay today. Told you conditions were great!

Pete left for the beach some time soon after this pic was taken. Jaro, having fed a whole pack of pilchards to the hungry hordes below, eventually threw out a prawn which had been frozen at least three times and bagged a small keeper sweetlip.

So I then asked him to take a pic of me with his camera as I'd never seen how this boat looks with me in it.

That's a sundeck on the front.

About 1115 the forecast NE breeze started to generate and by 1145 Jaro was out of bait anyway so we headed for home, with an increasing tail wind -- perfect. We did pretty well for a couple of old codgers and covered the 4km in about 35 minutes, non-stop cruise paddling. A gentle surf greeted us at the beach and I deliberately placed the Stealth on a small wave and to my delight it surfed in beautifully with spray shooting sideways on each side of the bow as the boat planed on the wave like a giant surfboard. Keeping it straight was easy using the rudder pedals. We stepped out onto the sand 6.5 hours and about 15km after we'd boarded at sunrise.

Our two fish, the larger 52cm.

Pete did pretty well, I think, with another good sweetlip caught in addition to the four other keepers. Pete, we'd appreciate a pic or two if you have them.

Jaro, Jim, Doc Dog and I (with our kayaks and our wives) are going up to Bargara Beach, near Bundaberg for a few days next week so we won't be organizing any Noosa yakking trips but we'll all be back by Saturday week.

Hope the weather's good next week.

Red & white Stealth Supalite, black paddle
VHF channel 09 or 22 (if alone), Call Sign: sunshiner

Pete's first TR, 03Sep10

Subject: Fishing Thursday
From: "pete"
Date: 3/09/2010 1:14 PM

Hi Everybody
My fishing report for thursday....
Launched SB 5.30am. 2 foot waves wet bum.

Pedalled to SR close to alex bay using headland as windbreak from west winds 10 to 15 knots.

Wasn't long before the wind caught me and even with sea anchor would have ended up at rarotonga in no time.

A long pedal back for another drift, repeat, repeat.
Caught 1 40cm venus tusk fish with hardly any fish interested in my pillies.

I missed landing a large squid who had a few goes at my bait, hiding under drift anchor between goes. I’m taking squid jig next time.

Beached yak around 12.30 with no nasty tumbles.. so it looks like you made the right call staying in bed Jaro.
Hobie Rev