Grassies galore, 31Oct10

Subject: fishing yesterday -- 31oct10
From: "brian"
Date: 1/11/2010 8:37 AM

Hi all, belated report from Sunday,

Ian, Geoff and myself headed out to SR at 4:30am to avoid the triathlon road blocks.

Fishing was very slow, but as usual Ian was collecting the odd sweetlip here & there as Geoff and I struggled on.

After many fruitless drifts I finally landed a small shark on a soft plastic. Once we moved south and further out, we found some decent grassies,

I at one stage had a nice fish on the soft plastic, whilst dealing with that, my heavier outfit screamed off, a little patience and luck saw me land both fish, a 40cm grassy from the small rod & a 48cm from the larger rod. I managed another 2 grassies both at 48cm.

I think Ian's tally for the day was around 7 grassies 45- 48cm, 1 tusk fish and a triggerfish.

There was only 1 smallish snapper caught measuring 37cm.

Hard work yesterday, but rewarded with some quality grassies & don't they go hard!

Till next time - cheers Brian.

Carlo's first trip, 24Oct10

Subject: fishing today -- 24oct10
From: sunshiner
Date: 24/10/2010 12:23 PM

Participants: eyetag, carlo, sunshiner

Hi guys

Well, I fronted, despite the cracked rib. I just had to find out how far I could push it. More about that later.

I arrived at the carpark at around 0450, saw eyetag's car and knew he'd have left before daylight but wondered if Carl Green, a brand new Noosa Yakker who lives in Gympie, had turned up. Sure enough, there he was, standing on the beach next to his Prowler. I quickly went down to say hello then scampered back to the Sierra to unload the Stealth.

A few minutes later I was back with my boat. Carl must be a patient guy for he mentioned that he'd been on the beach since 0400. I then noticed that he has a VHF radio (Lowrance, with built in GPS) so on the spot, he declared his callsign 'Carlo'.

0506hrs. Here's Carlo, ready to party.

And here's the handsome devil up close. Yep, that's an old Army floppy hat.

Anyway, as you can see, the launch was a doddle. But I noticed a problem for me as soon as I hit the seat and headed toward the exit -- I couldn't paddle hard because of pain. So I had to meander gently out through the small swell. Clearly, that physical condition is unsustainable as sometimes you have to open the throttle to time your exit well and of course, coming back in is when you really need that burst of speed.

Never mind, I was out here now and it was a beautiful Laguna Bay morning. A dolphin was catching breakfast just off the end of the groyne and a couple of gannets plus a few fluttering terns ate the crumbs dropping from his table. After radio-checking with Carlo (loud and clear) I called up eyetag who responded immediately from Sunshine Reef. He'd caught a nice snapper and a good Moses Perch already.

My nagging rib pain caused me to choose not to paddle out to Jew Shoal or Sunshine but Carlo decided he'd head for JS and off he went. It seemed to me that it would be wise to hang around near the base as I'd hate to get out to Sunshine Reef (where I really wanted to be) and find that I was unable to get home without assistance.

So I trolled a couple of times across the Bay within 1.3km of base. The pain didn't get any worse but it didn't let up either so after an hour on the water I gave it away and headed in, fishless. There was bait present right in front of the groyne the whole time I was out there as the dolphin and birds continued to get a feed. No fishy predators, though.

Dragging the Stealth up that steep little beach was no fun. Boy was I glad I didn't have a 15kg mackerel aboard!

Hopefully Carlo and eyetag will let us know how they went. Now to get on with the healing process. Any tips?

Red & white Stealth Supalite, black paddle
VHF channel 09 or 22 (if alone), Call Sign: sunshiner

Email from Ian
I had a great day today with perfect conditions,catching plenty of fish and losing a few too.Sorry the report is short,but I'm exhausted after the weekends activities.
Ian Tagg
call sign;eye tag

Ian’s uncaptioned pics:

Spotty mac, 23Oct10

From: geoff stolberg
Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2010 3:05 PM
Subject: Fishing 23.10.10

I arrived at MG at 0425hrs and the only sign of Eyetag was two skinny wheel tracks disappearing into the surf. The swell was still fairly big so I opted for JS. A non-eventful trip out and for the first hour or so the only entertainment was four charcoal coloured birds [gulls?] which persisted in harrasing me.

I managed to catch two of them as they are extremely quick to your bait. No harm was done, as it was only tangled line around a leg or wing. I got them sorted, politely advised that they should relocate, and released them. Later in the morning I spoke to two guys near Hells Gates who were repeating my fun with the wildlife.

Anyway, I managed a spotty mack, 81cms and 2.6kgs at about 0730, but that's all. Later in the morning I decided to head towards SR to see Eyetag, but by Hell's Gates the swell and slight headwind were becoming annoying, so I turned for an assisted ride home.

The landing at MG was as smooth as, except for a million people being there for a comp of some sort. There were skis and outriggers etc everywhere. Now I know why we fish weekdays where possible. Eyetag was still out there as we were in contact, and he had had some success.

JaG one

Jimbo, SR and JS, 19Oct10

Subject: Fishing Report - Tues 19 Oct
From: "Jim Thompson"
Date: 21/10/2010 10:59 PM

Hi Yakkers,

Apologies for the delay in sending the following.

Cloud Cover: Scattered, 3/10ths for most of morning.
Wind: SSE ~10 knots, swinging to SE later in morning
Sea State: SE swell ~1.2m

I launched at 0545 in very calm conditions, and after setting up headed for Sunshine Rf, hoping to emulate Eye Tagg's haul there on Monday. I also thought the water there would be clearer than at Jew Shoal.

Once at the inner mark off Alexandria Bay (my SR 4W) I cast my light line with SP attached and parked this rod in my newly mounted rod holder while I started setting up my heavier trolling line with a trailed pilchard. Before I had completed the latter task my light rod was suddenly bent double with the drag ratchet letting out a couple of short screams. This turned out to be a nice keeper snapper ~40cm. Buoyed by this good start, I reset my position to drift over the same spot. The combination of a steady current flowing to the SE but a slightly stronger SSE breeze produced a nice ~1.0 kph drift towards the NE. However, another hour of fishing over this same spot produced zilch.

As it was only 0800, I decided I would paddle the 3.5km to Jew Sh as I would be assisted by the SE wind and swell. Upon arrival at JS Pinnacles it was apparent the water was clearer but the lack of current set up a much faster drift to the NW with the prevailing steady SEly. After an hour drifting across the Pinnacles without a bite (and being snagged twice!) I decided to try another mark about 150m to the ENE. Bingo! The first cast of the SP produced a good hook-up but annoyingly this good sized snapper (I'm fairly certain) managed to bite through the line after about 2-3 minutes (possibly an argument for always using a wire trace). I quickly re-baited the line with another SP but on a lighter 1/4 oz jig head and reset my drift over the same mark. On about my second cast with the new bait another solid hook-up occurred and this time the line remained intact and after a short tussle I boated a nice ~45cm snapper. I also had a brief hit on a trailed blade on the heavy trolling line (having used up my three pilchards) but a continued hook-up didn't occur.

Again, buoyed by this sudden flurry of activity, I fished over this same mark for about another 45 min but no further action occurred. As it was now 1050 I headed back to MG 3.9km distant. It was a good outing with 17.5km covered.


Mixed bag at SR, 18Oct10

Subject: fishing today -- eye tag's bag
From: sunshiner
Date: 18/10/2010 4:06 PM

Ian had told me he was going out today, early. So, as promised, I dragged my carcass down to MG around 10am. Using the radio, I was told by Ian, at Sunshine Reef, that he was about to come in and he had some fish so I hung around until he arrived.

Notable among the fish he brought home was a fork tailed catfish, almost certainly washed out of the river with the huge recent rains. He reckons he hooked up to a few of the infamous Sunshine Reef unstoppables but had a good day out there.

Hope my broken rib keeps improving rapidly.

On the down side, Ian had his yak trolley pinched from the usual spot. Many of you would know what it looks like (a Perception plastic model) so keep an eye open for it. Apparently it has a distinctive rubber strip placed by Ian around the external perimeter of the wheels.

Red & white Stealth Supalite, black paddle
VHF channel 09 or 22 (if alone), Call Sign: sunshiner

Pretty quiet, 05Oct10

Subject: fishing today -- 05Oct10
From: sunshiner
Date: 5/10/2010 2:39 PM

Cloud cover: cloudless
Wind direction & speed: light SW
Sea state: pretty big swell, 2.3m

Participants: Pete, Kev

Just a quickie today as I'm a very busy guy.

0538hrs. Experienced MG launchers will readily appreciate that there's a bit of a sea running -- just take a look at the wave wetting of the beach.

All night last night the surf boomed at Sunshine Beach. I'd been down to MG the evening before and noted that it was tricky but doable. Pete had already launched when I arrived at 0530 and presumably was out there somewhere. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up the Stealth and by the time I was ready to launch I'd watched a couple of yak destroyers smash onto the end of the groyne. Clearly, timing the passage through the exit was the critical factor today.

A clean boarding and I was away, quickly getting soaked in the shorebreak when the first wave we encountered swept the yak from bow to stern. The Stealth tries to ride over the wave, but this only works if there's enough water to allow the stern to submerge as the yak pitches nose-up.

As I approached the exit a couple of nasty ones stood up but I pressed on (no choice, really) and we crested both waves to emerge damp but undamaged out the back, where I paddled a good 200m out before pausing to make sure I wasn't caught out.

Figuring that Pete was probably at Jew Shoal, and factoring in that I had only a couple of hours to spare, I decided to make that my destination. The paddle out was uneventful but I did notice that the kick from the swells was taking me up to 8kph occasionally and momentarily, even heading north and trolling a lure, as the surface water was sucked into the building swells.

Of Pete there was no sign and as he has no radio I didn't know whether he was at JS, and hidden from me by the swell, or elsewhere. It was lonely out there and it had a dead feeling, which was confirmed by the sonar which displayed no bait in the usual places. No birds, other than a lone, lost, gannet, no dolphins, no surface action, no turtles, no other boats. What I did notice was the first trichodesmium of the summer. This brownish surface algae, known as sea sawdust by ancient mariners, is a sure sign of warming water.

I hung around for about an hour trying SPs and trolling a deep running hard body but got no customers apart from a single brief strike on the HB. My thoughts turned to surfing so I paddled shoreward and before long could see heaps of board riders on the points where the waves were working in their special, Noosa, style. Soon, I joined them, albeit in my own space a little further out where I couldn't accidentally cripple one of them on an out-of-control stealth missile.

My surfing skills are rudimentary and unpractised for many years. Nevertheless the waves soon had the Stealth roaring along.

Going down the face of a wave, just off Little Cove (frame from movie).

Trouble was, I found I couldn't get off. I was hurtling toward the LC beach and didn't really want to go all the way in, but the wave and the boat wouldn't cooperate. In desperation I kicked the yak sideways with the paddle hoping to slow down enough to fall off the back of the wave. Well I fell off alright -- into the drink. As Stu warned me, this boat is not happy going sideways. So a valuable lesson learned and no harm done. Once a course has been set through the surf zone the aim is to keep the boat straight, by paddle and rudder and hit the beach the right way up.

Middle Groyne, my exit point, -- soon afterward. I knew that the tide was near low and hoped that the waves weren't breaking on the seaward side of the exit, but of course, they were. As usual, however, there were brief breaks of safe water between the CRUMPS. I chose my run time and asked a waiting board rider "How am I doing?" as I swept past him beachward paddling my arse off (also advised by Stu), not being game to look behind. "OK!" he said and with that I was through the crunch zone and sitting on a nice little roller heading straight for the beach at twice my usual speed. It was then that I noticed a couple of boardriders on the beach watching me intently, no doubt hoping that I'd go arse up. No way was a Noosa Yakker going to allow such an ignominious end. The wave took me right to the sand and there was Fong, one of our new Noosa Yakkers, board under his arm. "We do this all the time, mate!" I said.

So, no fish for me but some fun on such a magnificent Noosa Day. How'd you go, Pete? [see Pete's response below]

Red & white Stealth Supalite, black paddle
VHF channel 09 or 22 (if alone), Call Sign: sunshiner

Email from Pete
Re: fishing today -- 05Oct10
From: Pete
Date: 5/10/2010 7:42 PM

Hi Kev and others,
I launched about 5am and headed for sr towing a hb. As you mentioned there was a 3 to 4 foot swell running.
I fished the bottom with pilchards for a couple of hours with a grand total of two grinners, but just as I was tying the hb back on one rod for the troll to js I hooked a sweetlip 47cm on my other rod.

This encouraged me to stay another hour with no results. 9.30 headed for js and fished for another couple of hours with the intention of waiting till the tide turned for hopefully an easier landing.

And yes I was very pleased with my landing,a straight run in between the sets.

P.S Tried to copy on a photo of my catch... too hard basket... it tasted good though