Rapers Shoal - 02Nov13

TR by LazyBugger
Wind: 5knots or less - Southerly
Current: didn't notice much - was mainly trolling
Launch Point: Moffats Beach
Participant: Lazybugger

I arrived to an empty carpark at Moffats about 4.45am and was still the only yaker in sight when I launched right on 5am. I headed north to Rapers Shoal, about a 4km paddle, trolling a pilly and a Koolie Minnow. There were no hits on the way there. I had done one lap around the shoal and was at the northern end for a second time when the Koolie went off. A short time later I had a 40cm Snap on board with me & in the bag for dinner.

I proceeded to troll around and at about 6.30 got a really really good run on the pilly. Didn't take long and I had my first spaniard beside the yak. I was a bit concerned he was too small on the first view but once he was on top of the water he looked a bit better. After an absolute abysmal job with the gaff and the spaniard slipping off the yak a couple of times while I tried to measure him, I eventually got the ruler under him and as near I could work out he was just legal at about 77cm. In the bag he went. My first spaniard, I was wrapped. Caught on the pilly rig I made too, the knots held up. Noticed a few kinks in the wire afterwards though so retired that rig.

Not long after the Koolie went off again for another snap. And again, only to be dropped as I picked the rod up. There was a huge bustup which one of the boaties I was chatting too later said was mack tuna. While I was paddling towards it the Koolie went off again for another snap, about the same size as the first 2. However this one was only lightly hooked and dropped off just I was about to lift him.

The bustup was still going and I managed to troll through it but didn't get a touch. However at this point the mutton birds moved in. I ended up hooking one on the pilly rig and lost my pliers while trying to get the hook out of his body.

I decided to flick some plastics and managed to snag the koolie and lose it. No more action after that but did notice a few nice shows on the sounder on the way back.

Also, here is the gopro video. Pretty Crap but you get the idea. Didn't realise it was on such a bad angle till I got home. Haven't had time for much fancy editing. (Swearing included)

For video click here.


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