Dolphin Pt snapper, 30Aug2007

Subject: more snapper
Date: Thursday, 30 August 2007 10:12 AM

Hi yakkers

I'd resigned myself to being fishless for the next couple of weeks (because of the floods) but thought I'd go out into Laguna Bay for a paddle yesterday arvo just for the exercise. Took a rod "just in case". Came home with three small but nice snapper between 35 and 40 cm long.

Caught the first on a trolled Rapala lure then switched to a soft plastic on a 1/8oz jig and caught the next two by casting in toward the shore and letting the jig sink gently. These guys really fight well on 12lb line.

There were signs of some big predators hunting around the same area (baitfish showering out, and occasional large splashes).

Launched at Middle Groyne and got a bit wet on the way out but had a beautiful ride back in, later.

I think I'll go again today...

Red & Yellow Espri