Stumers Creek, 06Aug12

TR by Pedro

Stumers Creek runs into the ocean just north of Coolum. Access is via Stumers Creek Rd, good parking, toilets and tap for washdowns are all present. Access to the launch point on the beach is a flat and hard packed creek bed, the dry on/off ramp of sand is short and gently sloped. Photo below

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There is a series of rocks at the waters edge that lead out into deeper water. The southern side of these held a channel of sorts on the day, sand shifts and I suppose this could change. I drybum launched at first light and headed north east to Hancock Shoal 1.4k to gps mark.

On arrival, I headed into the northwest wind while checking the bottom on the sounder and set up for drift fishing when I felt I was at the western edge.The water depth went from 13 to 23 meters over a drift of 1.5k. The reef was still constant and a couple of charter boats were working further to the east.

My only action so far was two hits in a row on pilchard near the surface. So I headed south for Coolum Reef. 4.8k towing a HB.

No luck there and when the northeaster started I headed in for a drybum landing.


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