Longtails for two, 14Aug12

TR by Jaro

Wind SE at 10-12 knots early swinging to an easterly and abating from about 9.00am on to about 5 Knots
Sky cloudless
Participants: Richmond and Eye Tag (very early), Pedro (early) and Jaro (sensible hour)

I arrived at MG car park and noted that the three other yakkers had already departed. Getting out with a dry bum was easy with a little care and I found the wind was at my back so had an easy three km with my sail up going at a fair clip. I still do not have my GPS back from repairs for speed readings. The wind then changed to an easterly so down went the sail and I had to work the rest of the way. The other guys were at SR but in view of the wind I decided to fish at MG.

I tried all kinds of bait without success and returned home fishless. Pedro caught a nice longtail tuna somewhere at SR. Eye Tag caught a few insignificant reefies.

Around 9.30 Richmond had trolled to my position at JS where we chatted for a few moments before he started to set off for some more trolling and bingo he had a strike. So for the next 20 minutes or so I followed and observed and took photos of his skilful fight with what was obviously a good size longtail. I was wondering who would tire out first as he was having to rest his arms every now and then. Eventually, Richmond boarded a 109 cm longtail in excellent condition.

Here is Richmond, looking very pleased with himself, doing battle

One very happy Noosa Yakker with his monster longtail.

Of course, Richmond caught the longtail with the Cerny special... the Halco Laser Pro. Shortly after we all decided to head for home and we all landed safely with dry bums at around 11.00am.

Naturally we attracted the usual crowd and there were many oohs and ahs when they saw the fish.

Pedro's longtail is the bottom one measuring 102cm and Richmond's measuring 109cm

Richmond and Pedro with their booty

A great day even for those that didn't catch anything.


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