Worth the trip 23Mar15

TR by DeeCee
Trip date: 23Mar15
Launch Site: Baroon Pocket Dam - Mapelton side
Conditions: Light to Moderate

Had some spare time in the arvo so decided having two weeks away fishing wasn't enough so hit BPD for my Bass fix.

Started off around the dam wall exclusion zone for one hit and lost fish before heading up the creek about 30 minutes later.  The wind and surface conditions were not the best so it was hard going with no hits on the way.

First trip up the creek was uninspiring with no hits, the wind was being a right pain every time I'd stop for a flick, just couldn't seem to find somewhere protected.

Headed up as far as practical before turning around and slowly flowing back with the wind.  Stopped to have a flick at a couple of good looking snags I hadn't targeted on the way up and was rewarded with a great fish.

He was returned and  a little further down the creek another fish was on.

It was time to make a move with the sun going down so I started the paddle back across the dam going with the wind and swell this time and was rewarded with another screaming reel resulting in another nice sized fish

One last fish caught on the troll before heading across the basin came in at 35cm...

Session started off slow but picked up as the arvo went on...glorious time on the water by myself again



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