Back on the Horse 09Mar15

TR by DeeCee
Trip date:9 March 2015
Launch Site:  Baroon Pocket Dam - Maleny side
Conditions: Glassy - Light winds

Well after my donut yesterday I decided to head back to familiar territory...

Hit BPD around 8.30am after a much needed sleep in.  Looked like there was not another soul on the water when I launched 10 minutes later.  Within 10 paddle strokes of tossing the lure out the back I was on, a nice 30 something to start the day, looked promising...

No more touches as I worked my way up towards the creek and was starting to think this may be 'one of those days' when BANG I was on and this thing was pulling line like a freight train, before I'd reached the rod he was gone and so was my brand new lure....I think the township of Maleny heard me curse!

Rigged the rod up again and continued my way up the creek, wasn't much further along when the rod bent over double, line peeling off as I grabbed the rod and started winding...very tentatively I wound the line in, the fish played me well and for a time I didn't think I would win this one but before long he was yak side...a bloody nice fish

A quick pic and he was released.  A few more lost fish, a couple landed before I had another stonker on board...another pic and back he went

I'd made my way up the creek as about as far as I could go so turned around and headed back.  A few more 30 somethings on the way back, a couple more lost as well before coming around the same bend I'd got the 45cm Bass earlier I was on again, line peeled off as the fish did the bolt, a short but good fight later I had another good fish landed, a quick pic and he was released.

It was now 11.30am and time to head in, all up 17 fish were caught, 11 ended up in my lap for a picture...some of the escapees wouldn't have appreciated the language directed towards them

Was a great morning on the water, great to see the Dam returning to it's pre cyclone glory even if though it has a sh1tload more water in it...



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