Sharks morning and afternoon 28 March 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 28 March 2014
Participants: Tunny at 5.30 am,  Stormin at 3.00 pm
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: wind less than 10 knots variable, swell less than 1 metre
Keen Angler Program: None

I arrived to find the MG car park deserted so I guess the rest of you suspected the fishing would not be great.  I launched at 5.30 am through a small shore break and headed out scanning the horizon for any signs of birds. With no birds in sight I decided to head for Jew Shoal trolling a weighted pilchard.  There was no action on the way to JS but on arrival I noticed a few birds flying back towards Little Halls.  I did a few circuits of Jew Shoal, but with no surface action or any signs of bait balls on the sounder I decided the birds knew better and turned towards Little Halls.  I did not follow a direct route but chased the occasional patches of diving birds and small bust-ups of what looked like Mac Tuna.  These were always well out of reach so I never got a chance to cast my 20 g Halco Twisty.

About 200 m from Little Halls my trolling rig was taken by a small shark which I released.  On arrival at Little Halls I switched from trolling to jigging soft plastics, landing two more sharks.  It was now 10 am and I started heading back towards MG trolling a pilchard which was soon taken by another shark.  I arrived at MG at 10.30 am, catching a nice wave from about 30 m offshore all the way in.

Stormin then contacted me to find out what conditions were like and headed out at 3.00 pm.  He spotted birds working in the direction of JS and decided to head there, trolling a dead bait.  He hooked three small sharks and got bitten off twice above the wire by what he suspects were larger sharks.  Stormin then headed back, arriving at MG just before dark.

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