Wet'n'Windy 06Dec14

TR by eyetag

Wind: 0-15 knot E
Rain: light showers with one 1/2 hr rain session.
Current: Run out tide
Launch Point: Noosa Heads Lions Park
Participants: Eyetag, Redwood and Peter (callsign unknown)

Things were quiet all night with very little surface activity from the Woods bays to Ricky's and down past the sandbags. There was a lot of weed on the bottom and the Gladiator prawns needed to be cleaned after every retreive. I persisted for a while but went back to trolling the Gold Bomber with the odd cast at the small bust-ups with the Gladiator, if I was close enough. I managed one small Big eye around 25cm on a small Gladiator prawn with about 3 dropped.

Trolling I was not glad to see Hairtail still present. I ran into Peter who had launched with Tunny earlier and thus far Redwood had what may have been an Estuary Cod. I explained that I was going to troll for a while and see what happens, we didn't cross paths again and they were gone when I returned.

After a long night paddling and paddling and more paddling I managed to hook a BARRA cuda under the Sheraton bridge which put up an awesome fight and took a good 5 minutes to get him alongside before paddling to shore and photographing before a slow release.

Not well known for their hardiness the 'cuda finally managed to swim off.

Addition by Redwood

Peter and I launched from Lions Park just after 10pm with the tide halfway through the runout. We headed up to Ricky's where I picked up a small Estuary Cod which was released. Some guy in a tinny looked like he was wrestling a small human at the side of his boat in the channel between the Bays Woods and the mouth, but he was on very light gear an lost it. After a quick chat with Eyetag we headed to the river mouth where I picked up yet another undersized Jew. I also picked up a dreaded hairtail and Peter, although trolling the same Gold Bomber didn't have as much as a bump. At 1am we pulled the pin with Eyetag still out there.

67cm Jew caught in river mouth channel on gold bomber
Undersize again!

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  1. "Trolling I was not glad to see Hairtail still present."

    " I also picked up a dreaded hairtail"

    The Sydney guys love them. Grant's says, " although a little dry they are good eating.

    You just have to be very careful handling them with those dreadful teeth.