Chrissy Gift 25Dec14

TR by eyetag

Wind: SW 0-4 Knots
Current: Nil
Launch Point: Middle Groyne Noosa
Participants: Eyetag

I had a quick troll out and around Jew Shoal this morning. Launch was very shallow like yesterday with smallish waves standing up straight. Heading out I towed a Laser pro most of the way out untouched. So I switched to a Spaniard Special with a large Pilly, I had been trolling this set up for an hour, when I heard the rod bounce, a quick investigation followed, only to find the Pilly missing. I rebaited and started paddling where I came from, I hadn't gone far and the rod bounced again. I quickly grabbed it, started winding fast and came tight to a fish that was slowly swimming toward me. Once he felt weight he had a couple of good runs then 10 minutes later he was on the gaff.

I trolled another bait for a while and chased a few bust-ups. Then headed in.

Another nice day in Paradise

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