False Start 06Dec14

TR byDeeCee
Launch Site:  EMD Launch Area
Conditions: Glassy tending light N
Keen Angler Program: None

After a false start this morning where I arrived, unloaded yak and other gear and found I had forgotten my paddle I juggled my day around a bit and found myself back and ready to fish just after lunch.

Surprisingly I had the dam to myself and thought I might have a go at targeting Saratoga.  On my way to the lilly pads & reedy area I wanted to try I hooked two nice Bass, both pulled hard and gave me an enjoyable fight.

I put on a surface lure and flicked around for about 1.5hrs for no hits letting the gentle breeze push me down the western side of the dam, plenty of reeds & lillies over there....usually a nightmare with a diving lure but great with the soft frog. 

Time was running out so I threw a couple of lures out the back for the troll back to the launch area, in the same area I caught the first two I hooked up to a number of fish, some of the hits and fish I lost were mad.  I ended up landing another 10 before pulling the pin...some of these are pictured below

All fish released after a photo opportunity and all in all a pretty productive afternoon...


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