Wet & Windy. 14Dec14

TR by DeeCee
Participants: DeeCee 
Launch Site: Petrie Creek
Conditions: Windy and wet, strong outgoing tide
Keen Angler Program: none

Was sick of sitting around the house over the weekend so decided on a late paddle out of the wind on Petrie Creek.  Arrived at the launch spot to find  it sheltered and very fishable.

Loaded up the Loon with minimal gear and launched, heading under the bridge into a small tributary off the main river.

Some trolling and casting along the banks produced nothing, so after an hour I headed back into Petrie Creek proper.

The tide was running out quickly, the wind was working against this so the drift was nice and slow.  I was aware of a nice rock outcrop under thee water in this area so I worked this for about 20 minutes with a soft plastic with no hits.  During this time a couple of motor boats anchored up in the area and deployed their live baits.

Time was running short and I'd worked the plastic to bits so swapped over to a medium diving hard body.  A $1.50 blank I'd painted up.

First cast is was on for young and old, the rod bent over double and even with the tight drag line peeled off.  Took a short time to get under control all the while the rod was folded in half.  Fish was seen and the heart pounded, a very nice looking Mangrove Jack, which was duly netted and landed...these things hit hard and the fish had engulfed the lure completely which took some time to remove

A couple of pictures were taken and the fish released.

This picture taken by a fellow yakker, cheers Simon!

Time was getting late so decided that was a great note to finish the trip on so made my way back to the launch point and pulled the pin.



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  1. Great stuff mate, they're a prize catch at any time but especially from a yak.