Redgreg's snapper. 02Dec14

TR by sunshiner

Wind: 10 knot NE
Swell: small E, insignificant
Water temp: 25.6°C
Current: at Jew Shoal, slight west to east
Launch point: Middle Groyne
Participants: diesel, jaro, tunny, redgreg, kaypee, sunshiner
Keen Angler Program: nothing donated

Kim (kaypee: temporary nickname) has been a Noosa Yakkers member for over a year but just recently acquired his first fishing kayak (Stealth Evolution 430) and today was his first launch with us. He was at Middle Groyne super early along with all the rest of us where we faced a persistent and annoying 10 knot NE. The waves were curling in to the groyne, nothing seriously big, but occasional specimens rolled in which were quite capable of washing you off your yak.

Kim checks his yak before launching.

Conditions were far from ideal but we all got out OK and all set course for Jew Shoal in choppy head-on seas which slowed all of us down.

The highlights of today's trip:

Kaypee was drift trolling a piece of squid and hooked and boated an undersize cobia which he returned unharmed after advice from nearby redgreg. First yak fish on his first trip.

Kim's pic of his first ever cobia and first yak caught fish.

Kim drift trolling in his new Evo

Jaro bagged a pearl perch, the first we've seen at Jew Shoal for a couple of years and a candidate to fill a vacancy in the Record Fish List.

Jaro with his pearl perch, caught on prawn bait

Redgreg had a victory over a very nice snapper. He was trolling a slimy mackerel in search of Spaniards, which didn't put in an appearance.

Pic by fellow Noosa Yakker, diesel

Not so high lights:

Tunny boated an Australian bonito.

Jaro caught two small keeper sweetlip.

I got done over by what I think was a big grassy. After a brief tussle involving a very bent rod and screaming reel, the grassy seemed to have found a cave for refuge. I couldn't budge it and had to bust him off.

Back to the beach, there by around 9:00am

Tail wind, so much faster than on the way out.

Beach pics

Local lady who was happy to hold the fish.

Redgreg's snapper on the mat. 70cm.

Jaro's pearl perch, 37cm. Potentially a new Noosa Yakkers record.

Jaro's three fish on the mat

Kev Long
Author Kayak Fishing Manual for iPad and Mac (click linked text to view)
Stealth Supalite X, yellow/orange

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