A couple 20Dec14

TR by DeeCee
Participants: DeeCee
Launch Site:  Ewen Maddock Dam (EMD) Launch Area
Conditions: Light S/SW early then SE 10 knots
Keen Angler Program: None

Arrived in the car park at EMD around 5.00am, no one else on the water yet, set up the yak and launched about 10 minutes later heading for the same place I'd got 12 fish a couple of weeks earlier.

The wind was a bit of a pain today, it couldn't decide which way it wanted to blow and how strong, made it hard to drift and flick so I decided to spend most of the day trolling.

Arrived at The Spot and trolled flicked for about 30 minutes for one hookup, no fish in the yak.  Decided to move on and hit the reed beds with a surface lure, again for about 30 minutes and no fish.

I trolled around the edge of the dam trying to stay right on the edge of the weed trying to entice something out of it, this was very hit and miss as I must have stopped 30 -40 times to remove weed from the lures.

Was about 7.00am so thought I start making my way back to the launch point via the bay opposite it.  Once I'd made my way across the dam and into the bay I hooked up immediately, a short but intense fight on the 1kg stick I had a nice fish landed.  A quick photo opportunity and the fish was released.

By the time I had released the fish and due to the increase in wind I had drifted a fair way north, I flicked the lures out the back and almost in the same spot I got the first fish I had a second, another good fight, some line removed before it was netted, a quick pic taken and fish returned to the water.

A couple more short hookups and one smaller fish caught & released before I returned to the launch point.

I saw one other yak fisher all morning and he was coming out as I was going in...no idea where everyone was, maybe the forecast put them off or they're busy getting ready for Xmas

All in all a very peaceful morning fishing and a great way to start the weekend (and a weeks holiday)!



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