River lively after dark. 14Sep13

TR by eyetag

Wind: 10-15 knot N/NW
Current: run out tide
Launch point: Noosa Heads Lions Park
Participants: Eyetag

With the forecast not looking too good for Sunday I thought if I want to catch a fish then Saturday night was my best chance.

I launched 8pm and headed to the Woods Bays. I'd just got to the first channel marker when my Gold Bomber was hit by by something and after a short tussle I had a Big Eye Trevally on board that was around 35cm. I repeated the last 200 metres of my travels and had another.

With my real target being Mangrove Jack I headed off to the current line out from Ricky's. On arrival I found the conditions to be quite challenging with wind against and across the current depending on location but I persisted trying different things and ended up going toward the RM and drifting back against the current slow rolling a Gladiator Prawn.

This worked well with every drift producing at least one fish and the return paddle trolling the Bomber was also producing fish more often than not. I fished until midnight and had caught roughly 20 Big Eye Trevally from 35 to 49cm, three Flathead to 52cm and about 10 Hairtail, which came in as the last three fish and were the deciding factor to pull the pin. Most of the fish were caught on the Gladiator Prawn, except the Hairtail with all but one of them on the Bomber.

I kept these for a good feed. Note the white tip on the dorsal fin which is an identifying feature of the Big Eye Trevally, and the big eye of course. [Editor: Trevally, no size or possession limits in Qld]


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