Popeye Jack PB. 9Sep13

TR by eyetag
Wind: light westerly
Swell: n/a
Current: run-out tide
Launch point: Noosa Heads Lions Park
Participants: eyetag

I launched around 2.00am and headed straight to the current line near Ricky's with the trusty Gold Bomber out the back. There was no sign of fish anywhere so I did a few laps of the outer Woods Bay. I must have needed the exercise.

Still nothing,so I decided to flick a few Gladiator Prawns while drifting the current line. This produced some small GTs. So I persisted with another lap and this paid off with a nice 2.5kg, Mangrove Jack just shy of 60cm on 3lb braid.

After this I tried another drift and hooked up again to what seemed to be a much bigger fish and the fight went on for about 10 minutes before the leader broke. This was the last of the action drifting the current line.

First light was starting to appear in the sky so I trolled around the Noosa Sound and the Woods Bays where I was unlucky enough to land four hairtail all of which had their tails shortened, probably by other hairtail. By now the sun was up so I went home.

I christen this fish Popeye



  1. So did he take the Gold bomber or the Gladiator Prawn ?
    Doctor Dog

  2. Nice one Ian. That's a good looking jack!

  3. Well done - an excellent fish.