Dos, due, ni, zwei, èr, deux...two - 28Sep13

TR by Gemini

Participants:  Panno, DeeCee, Gemini
Launch Site: Strawberry Patch, Lake MacDonald
Conditions: Overcast, light-medium gusts

By the time I arrived this morning DeeCee was already on the water attacking the weeds alongside a stinky. Panno arrived shortly after me, and we quickly made our way onto the water to join in the fun.

The going was slow, and we barely had a touch before passing into Toga Bay. Here we separated a little and I pushed up towards the Palm Farm while the others hung back briefly, noting the stinky had bagged a nice bass along the northern bank.

A few casts into some lillies gave me my first decent strike of the day, but the little bugger ran with the lure and not the hooks, releasing seconds later. I cast again into the same lillies, and to my surprise I was rewarded with another strike, but this one held on.

After releasing the bass Panno caught up and started casting along the northern weed edge. I made my way over the southern edge to try my luck, as I hadn't tried that area for some time. Another missed strike here had my casting arm tingling. Not long after, a miss-cast directly into some lillies had my Jackal gobbled up off the surface by a hungry bass. I almost lost him to the weeds, and he pulled my yak around a little too, but I managed to keep him under control long enough to net him. Unfortunately, as I stashed my rod in the holder, the little bugger flopped his way free of the net and hook and bailed over the side! He was no record breaker, but a nice fish nonetheless. This is the best shot I have of him.

After making a few sad faces I started to cast my way back around to Toga Bay. Off in the distance I could see Panno working on his tackle against the bank, and I would later find out he had been snapped off by a rather frisky fish.

No more luck was had by the time I made the shore just before 9AM a short while later. As we compared notes on the bank, the discovery was made that we had all landed 2 fish a piece. The fishing Gods obviously saw us all worthy of equal treatment... :)

Additional by DeeCee

I arrived at the end of Grange Rd earlier than expected (5.10am) to a fair bit of surface action, so I rigged up and hit the water before the other guys showed up. I threw the popper around for 15 minutes just off the launch point but no had takers.

Andy & Matt arrived so I headed in to have a chat while they were rigging up. Once they were sorted we hit the water and headed north slowly. Lots of weed in this area and more often than not the lure came back all fouled up. I worked one side of the lake and then the other until I got up into the top corner and the first on my Bass for the day. A short little fight and it was in the yak.

A couple of casts later and I was hit again, this felt a lot bigger and put up a lot more of a fight before finally coming aboard.

No other hits (but plenty of weed foulups) and then it was time to go. I headed back to the launch point followed not far behind by Matt & Andy. We had a quick chat and we were on our way.

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