Tasting the salt(i). 29Aug13

TR by salticrak

Wind: 10knot SE
Swell: 1 m E
Current: none
Launch point: Doggie Beach
Participants: salticrak

So off to silver spoon country it was for me this morning. On a solo mission as me bestie sprocket had to earn some coin, or maybe he just has a better weather predictor.

You can smell the mink and Moet as you drive to the small car park for doggie beach, all asleep making $$$$$. I have a four wheeled dolly which I used to drag the duck egg blue to the beach, not ideal but better than my hobie cart conversion fail from Tuesday at Yaroomba.

Picked the gap and launched effortlessly into the pre dawn surf. As sunshiner would say me ass stayed dry. At his age I think this is something to look forward to.

Bloody hell she was a bit breezy out there. I'd say at least ten knots with whitecaps and a 0.5m southerly wind chop. I had made up some trolling rigs using a jig head as a weight for the lovely gar I had, some latte sipper rigs with a bit of Crak innovation for good measure.

latte rigs

I dragged this and chucked a new soft plastic I have found made in Japan called Keitech, they are soft and smell like squid and whale oil. They look the goods though. Nothing, nada. Peer pressure and Nad97's bleating kept me going. The sea was lumpy and I was not game to sit side saddle in these conditions.

Getting cold and cranky I decided to head in. There was a tiny swell shore break where I managed to see my ass three times playing in the surf, of course sunshiner was there to film it.

That's me, out there. Normally I roar through the surf but today I tried some deliberate rollovers to see if any water came in through the hatch. Pic by sunshiner.

Kev had his wheels that are phat and offered to let me use them instead of my bloody set up. They are so good, Dennis put some of them aside would ya sweetcheeks?

Good to catch up with the bloody Banjo Patterson of yak fishing again.


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  1. "Normally I roar through the surf, today I tried some deliberate rollovers to see if any water came in through the hatch."

    A likely story (not). Methinks you just fell off a few times.