Solo Eyetag, 25Aug13

Participants: Eyetag
Launch site:Middle Groyne Noosa
Swell:Tiny swell
Wind; 5 knot NW breeze increasing to 7 knots and swinging W/SW by the time I returned.

I launched 5.15 am in a very calm sea and headed North. I had a good strike at the RM that pulled drag for a second, but unfortunately so did the hooks, so he swam free (the one that got away). Then I kept heading up the beach about 1km off shore all the way to the 3rd cutting and back.

 I didn't have another strike until I was inside of LH where I landed a Grinner. I got back on land around 8.30 am and had travelled 17.2km's. It was a very nice day on the water having seen lots of Dolphins and a Turtle.

Glad I went cause we all know we won't catch them at home.

 photo IMGP0886_zpsd82b0d08.jpg

Looking East just before sunrise


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