Cobwebs blown. JS. 27Jul12

TR by richmond

Blow off the cobwebs.

Wind - NW to 10 knots
Swell- Low
Current - None
Launch Point - Middle Groyne
Participants - Richmond, Carlton, Tiberium (Izak)

I was keen for a fish as I hadn't been offshore for a few weeks due to work and weather. I left the beach at 5.30am this morning, dry bum as I could see the smallish sets coming thanks to the moon.

My destination was Jew Shoal as the boys have done alright out there of late.

I arrived at the Shoal before sunrise. I should have taken a pic as it was a beauty this morning. I trolled around for a bit with a shallow running LP as there were a few boils here and there, Mack Tuna I presumed. Yep, after a couple of minutes of trolling the rod was bending over. I dispatched an 80cm Mack Tuna to the fishbox for future baits and then decided to sink a soft plastic.

Mack Tuna 80cm

I also had a prawn floating around out the back mid water. The wind was quite strong out there, 10 knots or more, there was no current to speak of but even with my small drogue out I was clipping along at 2 kph.

It was about then I saw Carlton and Izak turn up. After a little chat we went our own way. I then heard Carlton yell out that he was on. Apparently a small Netted Sweetlip I think he said. Whenever I looked over at Izak, his rod was bent! He kept trying to pull the plug out.

Fishing was quiet and rather difficult with the wind. I ended up with a 40cm Squire, a Bream that went 29cm and a throwback Grassy.

All on prawn bait, my sp offerings didn't get a touch. It was about then that the boys decided to head for home fishless.

With no action on my soft plastic I decided to try a slow sinking bibless hardbody. This lure looks unreal in the water, it sinks on a horizontal plane, sinks slowly and has a great action when you give the rod a rip. It can also be trolled, going from one spot to another.

As I was letting the lure slowly sink, I had a massive hit. Unfortunately, I hooked up for about 10 seconds and it was all over. The lure came up with some battle scars at least.

I left shortly after that and was suprised to see Izak and Carlton still on the beach. They were heading off to fish the river.

So, a relatively quiet day, no birds dipping, hardly any bustups, We did see some Humpbacks putting on a show and there was a large pod of Dolphins browsing in the bay.

I'm looking forward to my next trip out with the bibless hardbody, I reckon it'll be a winner.

Richmond (Jeff)

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