Bagout, pedro, DIP 03Jul12

TR by pedro

Wind: 5 to 10 southerly
Swell: .5m easterly
Current: slight, from the north.
Launch point: North west side DIP
Participants: Pedro

I arrived at DIP 6.30am, glad the high tide wasn't any earlier as travel up the beach was easy but there definitely wasn't a lot of sand out of the water.

With an easy launch, I followed the headland trolling hb and gar as I headed toward the bommie just off the cliffs under the northern side of the light-house. I trolled around the bommie a couple of times hoping for a snapper. With no hits on trolling, I dropped the anchor upwind of a show on the sounder and let out rope until I was sitting over the drop off.

I saw my first whale as I set up the berley pot and chopped pilly cubes. Record numbers are on their way they say.

I fed a very lightly weighted banana prawn and an unweighted slimy into the berley trail, and after losing a couple of prawns my next prawn was taken by a solid fish that swung the yak around back toward the heart of the bommie and cut the braid.

The action continued resulting in four snapper 40-50cm bagged and seven released.

A bag limit…

In the middle of this, while checking the slimy floater that hadn't had a sniff by the snapper I noticed line slowly peeling off the reel that was set in freespool. Just picking up the rod and thumbing the line told the fish something was wrong and it turned on its turbo as I engaged the drag. The speed was amazing; I'd lost 200m in six seconds and with 50m to go and no chance of unhooking the anchor. I screwed down the drag and it all went slack… the hook pulled.



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