The ones that got away 07Nov15

TR by eyetag

Wind: 0-15 Knot N/NE dropping out to nothing
Current: run out tide
Launch Point: Noosa Heads Lions park
Participants: Eyetag

With the stormy conditions I thought the Jacks might be on the chew. I launched around and headed straight to a few of my favourite snags to cast hard bodies.

The Jacks were certainly on the chew, with a fair few dropped due to hooks pulling and 2 that made it back to their lair and 1 BIG BARRA thrown in the mix, which managed after a 15 minute battle to throw the hooks during one of her aerial displays. I ended up with 3 fish in about 3 hours slow but the results would've been a lot better if I landed everything I hooked, that's why we call it fishing.

1 comment:

  1. Nice jacks, eyetag. So there's at least one big old lady barra still hanging out at Spot X, eh? Probably it was over a metre!