Doctor Dog Riverfish 21.11.2015

TR by doctordog

Wind: Fresh North 10-15knots to start dropping to light and variable by 1:00am
Swell: nil
Current: run out tide
Launch point: Quamby Place Park
Participants: DoctorDog, Eyetag, Izak
I launched at the Quamby Place Park and paddled round to the sheltered waters of Weyba Creek where I met Izak and Eyetag in the process of photographing and releasing a nice Jack that had monstered Izak's trolled Gold Bomber.
As I am a Mangrove Jack virgin I was keen to get a part of this action and joined the quiet slow troll pattern out of the wind. I had no hits after a couple of fruitless hours  whilst the other fishers had some sporadic hits and hookups and release of several small Jacks.
Eyetag and I moved over to Rickys and with actively feeding fish it wasn't long before I was hooked up hard to a strong fighting fish. Mindful of my last break-off I was gentle with the drag but also scared of fouling the moored boats nearby. My first river GT eventually succumbed to gentle persuasion and I was able to lift it into the hatch.
My first River GT in the hatch still attached to the Gold Bomber

GT on the brag mat at home
With the Rickys bite going quiet I paddled downstream past the sandbags and found Eyetag catching and releasing some small trevally. Pulling up on the sand bank to stretch my legs I found my trolled Bomber had attracted the attention of a 38 cm Dusky Flathead which kindly posed for a pic before swimming away.

Beautifully Marked Dusky Flathead

With the fish going quiet it was time to call it a night. 

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