Kingy at Jew Shoal, 13 November 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 13 November 2015
Participants: Diesel, Jimbo, Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Low Tide 2.15 am, High Tide 8.52 am; Wind 10 knots ENE falling to 5 knots later; sea lumpy enough to cause mild nausea for my first time ever.
Keen Angler Program: Nothing

After being out of the country for 5 weeks I thought it prudent to do a tackle check before loading up last night. To my surprise one of my favorite Halco lures had two badly twisted hooks.  I have a few of similar colour and was not sure when I last used this one so went back to the September trip report by Sunshiner titled "Hatchful!", had a look at the photo he took (below) and found the culprit.  The Longtail of that day was guilty!

Note the bent hook on the top lure (Photo by Sunshiner in TR Hatchful!, 15 Sept

A closer look at the bent hook
Diesel and I arrived at MG at 3.30 am and launched at 4.00 am.  With the extreme low tide, the walk was a little longer than normal and the paddle to Jew Shoal therefore a little shorter.  The launch was easy, but the sea was quite lumpy and wind was around 10 knots.  Clouds covered the horizon with a brief burst of rain resulting in a stunning rainbow.

Both Diesel and I trolled Halco lures and weighted pilchards out to the reef but there was no action, very little bait visible on the sounder and no birds.  Jimbo followed about 30 minutes later, also without success.

View of the rainbow as seen from Jew Shoal
On arrival at Jew Shoal I found a reasonable bait ball and trolled my pilchard through this several times, eventually hooking an undersized Yellowtail Kingfish which I released.  Diesel had one decent bite which resulted in a broken steel trace, but apart from that it was extremely quiet.

Small Kingy

At around 7.30 am Diesel decided to head to Little Halls while Jimbo and I persisted at Jew Shoal.  But with no further action we headed in at 8.30

Better luck next time!

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