Another Sunday night on the river 15Nov15

TR by eyetag

Wind: Windy
Current: run out tide
Launch Point: Noosa Heads Lions Park
Participants: Eyetag

I launched around and trolled a gold bomber through the Woods bays and upstream to some of my favourite snags. Half way there my reel screamed to life and after a hard 5 minute battle I had a solid GT on board. The rest of that trip was fishless.

On arrival I could hear the odd fish feeding on the surface. Excitedly I started casting into the snags but nothing seemed interested in my offerings on my first drift so I paddled back and tried again, second cast I was hooked up solid to a fish that was trying hard to get back to his snag, I managed to keep him out in the open and some minutes later landed a nice Jack. I continued this method for a while and after two solid strikes that straightened hooks (due to bite force)and two lure changes I eventually stayed connected to another hard fighting fish and after a very tough battle landed a 2nd Jack.

A couple of very healthy Mangrove Jack

First light was appearing by now so I trolled around the Woods bays for a while but things were quiet then as I was about to exit the bay for home I had another big strike and after a brief but fierce fight the straightened hooks pulled again from a fish with a seriously powerful bite that also straightened a split ring.

Tougher terminal tackle required

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