Too hot...18Jan15

TR by DeeCee
Participants: DeeCee
Launch Site:  Baroon Pocket Launch Area
Conditions: Glassy...and HOT

Last minute decision to hit Baroon Pocket Dam this morning after a less than successful trip outside yesterday in the boat.

Arrived early and saw a couple of other yakkers getting ready, they didn't stick around long maybe an hour or so before pulling the pin.  Did the stifling heat get the better of them?

Launched and headed back to the same area I did well at last week.  Got a fish almost straight away a low 30's Bass on the deep diver.  Spent some time trolling and flicking lures in the area and this told me the fish seemed a bit fussier this week.

Slowly the numbers mounted as the heat rose, with most fish caught between 30 - 35cm, lost a couple of lures to harder hitting fish before this was landed.

Biggest fish of the day by far...pulled hard
Pulled the pin around 9.00am, 15 fish caught.  Was hard to leave as there was not another soul on the Dam and it looked a mirror.  I just couldn't handle the heat after7 hrs out on the boat yesterday.



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