Triple Header 10 + 11 + 12 Jan15

TR by DeeCee
Participants: DeeCee
Launch Site: Side of the Dam(s)
Conditions: Nil to light winds

EMD 10Jan15

Hit EMD early on Saturday morning, arriving around 5.00am to be greeted by a half full car park, busiest Saturday of the year so far!

Launched about 10 minutes later and headed west trolling 2 x 3m diving HB's heading for Spot X.

Arrived about 15 minutes later after a slow troll and immediately hooked up, a nice 30cm Bass.

1st Bass of the day
 Over the next two hours another 13 Bass were caught in the same area on the same lure casting and trolling, nothing of real size but all consistent 30cm + fish

Biggest of the day
 A glorious day on the water early and off before it got too hot

Baroon Pocket Dam 11Jan15

The same crew from the EMD Fish Stocking Group that attended the Sunday before had decided to have another go with a few additions thrown in for good measure.

I arrived around 5.45am and was second to arrived, Bruce being all ready to go, over the next 15 minutes others arrived until we were 10 in number.

We all launched around the same time with all of us going our own way, I decided to head over to the south side of the dam before heading towards the wall.

No hits on the way over but as soon as I got within striking distance of the edge I was on

1st Bass of the day

I caught 3 fish in quick succession before that lure was claimed by underwater structure.  It was brand new...I HATE that!

Changed over to my deep diving RMG Poltergeist and trolled/flicked around the exclusion zone in front of the dam for a while.

The day went in a similar vein to last week with the fish coming thick and fast, all good sized fish, mainly on the troll but some on the cast and even a few jigged up from the plentiful schools

Here are a few pics

Smallest Bass of the day

I was up to 17 fish in just over 1.5hrs when the reel screamed, screamed again and then once more before I'd even got a chance to turn the fish around, a great fight ensued with neither side giving an inch until I finally got on top of my adversary.  When I saw this fish come up beside the yak I knew I'd caught something special...

A STONKER! If you look closely you can see the length (under the tail)

I asked Steve if he could come over and take some pics

Couldn't get the smile off my face!

I ended up with 28 fish for the morning before pulling the pin around 10.00am due to the heat.  I think we ended up with over 150 Bass between us.  A 50cm (Steve B) & 49cm (Grant) were also caught and numerous other caught in the mid 40's, everyone getting amongst it.  Simon caught the most with 33 for the morning.

A quick chat at the launch point on return and off to enjoy the rest of the day....household chores!

Baroon Pocket Dam 12Jan 15

Had some spare time after having the car serviced today so headed back to Baroon Pocket for a fish.

Arrived around 3.30pm to not another soul on the Dam and very light winds with the occasional shower, setup the yak and was off 10 minutes later.

The afternoon was much the same as the last few visits with many fish hooked (probably twice as many as actually make it to the yak), lots landed and some great fights had.

First fish was on within a minute of leaving the launch area, I fished for just on 2.5 hours for 37 fish landed, some stonkers among them

First fish caught, within a minute of leaving the launch area
Then this beast made an appearance
Followed shortly after by this one
And 10 fish later this one
All fish were over 30cm with most being between 35cm - 40cm, with a couple of horses thrown in for good measure.

Pulled the pin just as the weather moved in around 5.45pm.

Well worth the trip!



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