One strike, one fish. 18Jan15

TR by jaro

Participants: Diesel, jaro
Conditions: Partly cloudy to sunny, northerly winds 3 to 5 knots, neglible current at JS.

I arrived at MG car park at 4.00am to find Diesel ready to go. Exit was easy and soon we were off to SR trolling all the way. After getting as far as SB with no sign of action (birds, bustups or strikes) we decided to head for JS to do some bottom fishing.

By 8.00am with no action I informed Diesel I would be heading in at 8.30 and he agreed to do the same. At 8.20am, just as I was starting to pack up I had a big strike on my trailing floating pilchard line. On grabbing the rod I could tell it was a decent sized fish and informed Diesel who then proceeded to come over and take pictures of the fight (thanks Diesel).

I was trying to work out what it was, feeling it wasn't a mackerel or shark when it suddenly became visible… a nice cobia.

Just getting the cobia to the surface

It was duly gaffed and then quickly and humanely killed and stowed.

On later measuring the cobia came in at 85cm.

We then continued fishing for a short time longer with no further action and so headed back to shore uneventfully. Entry was done easily.

As you can see from the photos, it was another idyllic day out in paradise.


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