Baroon Pocket 04Jan15

TR by DeeCee
Participants: DeeCee + others
Launch Site:  Maleny side of Dam
Conditions: Light to gusty
Keen Angler Program: None

A gathering was organised late on the Saturday night for 6.00am arrival at Baroon Pocket Dam, Maleny.  Six of us in the end getting ready at the waters edge for a fish for the inaugural Sharp Point Jig Heads Biggest Bass Comp.  Entry was paid and rules were simple, biggest Bass won.

I was surprised how much the water level had dropped since my last visit a couple of years ago, maybe Brisbane are making use of the pipeline...

We made our way across the Dam, trolling HB's, each of us taking a slightly different route using different lures with the end result to be fishing down around the dam wall.

Bruce was first to catch a fish, a 45cm Bass almost as soon as he set off, that was the mark to beat!  Pretty much all of us picked up 1 -3 fish on the way over.  I slow trolled around the edge trying to stay in around 5m of water...easier said than done with the dam in some place over 30m deep
Caught on the way over
 All of us aside from Brett ended trolling around just outside the exclusion zone adjacent the Dam wall.  Many fish were caught, almost all of them over 30cm with a few in the mid 40's...and very fat fish.

My biggest landed for the day

Another fatty

Was having too much fun catching fish to take many more photos

Brett won the day with a stonker at 47cm, caught over on the northern side of the Dam, he didn't have a long enough measuring device nor someone to take a picture so he did the bolt over to where we were fishing, stopping every now and then to drop the beast back in the water

Brett with his 47cm Bass
Simon from Sharp Point Jig Heads getting in on the action, most Bass caught for the day at 15
I hooked onto something big, got it near the boat but could not land it before it snapped me off...maybe a cod

This thing would not budge at one stage, leader knot was out of the water and that was as close as it got

The fish were coming in that thick and fast that we weren't bothering with too many photos.

After about 3.5hrs fishing we ended up with 60+ fish between us and it was time to go back to the ramp.

Some fishing stories while we were loading up and off we all time!

Would like to that Simon from Sharp Point Jig Heads for organising and Steve, Bruce, Grant and Brett for making it such an enjoying morning

Cheers boys!


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