Gibsoni's PB snapper. 25Jan15

TR by sunshiner with contribution by gibsoni at end

Wind: calm, changing to gentle SW later
Swell: 1.2m E
Water temp: 26.7°C
Tides: 5:19am 0.35 L; 11:42am 1.78 H
Current: at Jew Shoal, none detected
Launch point: Middle Groyne
Surface action: none seen, but searching terns evident.
Participants: diesel, scottyD, stormin, panno, gibsoni, sunshiner
Keen Angler Program: One snapper frame possibly donated

There being little swell making it into Laguna Bay, the launch was easy, which was a relief for panno who spent some time standing at the water's edge reliving his pants-down experience at Middle Groyne a couple of years back. Nice to see you back on the water, Panno.

5:00am. Just after launch, Stealths lined up. In the background, stormin, panno, gibsoni (just removing his rods from the hatch). Glassy calm. GoPro video frame.

Diesel and scottyD had launched earlier and were out of sight by the time we four got underway. Jew Shoal was our target and the paddle out was as easy as it gets.

Another superb Laguna Bay sunrise, half way to Jew Shoal.


(1) Panno (no radio) hooked up big time on a trolled hard body about half way to Jew Shoal. He was using heavy gear but even so it took a long time to subdue the gigantic ray he'd hooked, probably accidentally as I'm not aware that our local rays attack hb lures.

(2) Stormin bagged a nice fat grassy, taken on drifted pillie (see pic later).

(3) Gibsoni (no radio) nailed a PB snapper on a trolled hb. The rest of us didn't know about this until we hit the beach. (see pics later)


(1) On my SP, first cast, I got a nice hookup which took line off against the drag but was immediately bitten off. Possibly a mackerel.

The moment that I hooked up, captured by the GoPro (video). Note the bent rod and the fact that I had just picked up the radio to make a call.

(2) Diesel got monstered at least once by a Jew Shoal unstoppable.

(3) ScottyD, even though he trolled baits a kazillion clicks, got only one screaming hit which failed to properly hook up.

Anyway, here are some pics to liven the TR up.

Although it was not at all crowded out there, this guy, in his 3m plastic boat with 5hp outboard (backed up by oars he told me), managed to get too close to both diesel and me on separate occasions. Perhaps trying to check out our hot spots, which were not hot at all today. Frame from GoPro video.

Two views of gibsoni's very nice snapper.

The combined take home catch. Quiet day, eh?

Hope the guys who go tomorrow do better. But watch out for the crowds on your return to the beach. We nearly ran some down today.

Kev Long
Author Kayak Fishing Manual for iPad and Mac (click linked text to view)
Stealth Supalite X, yellow/orange

Contribution by gibsoni

It's been many months since I've hit any north coast waters so was keen to get out whilst we stayed at Coolum this weekend.

Up at 3 to be ready for a launch at 5 (yup I'm slow). Nice to meet a few new guys in the carpark early (new to me). Had a clean launch on the bottom of the tide though a bit damp.

Met the crew setting up behind the sets and in true style I took longer than others to rig up, particularly as I was trying a new chin guard on gar with a bib. Seemed to work well easily.

Followed the blokes to Jew Shoal with no action and did lap after lap of the structure I could find. Finally towards the end of what I was going to call time I paddled over some steep structure I think, holding bait according to sounder, and off went my X-Rap on the 30lb spin setup. For the weight gear there was not much pull (hardly sporting) and no fast runs so wasn't sure what it was till finally color turns to shape and I see a lovely snapper heading boat side. A bit slow to lift it with gaff gently but dropped in the hull and that was that.

A take home point was how much difficulty I had getting my overhead line in during the fight. Wasn't an issue with a snapper but could have been with a mac.

Gents, thanks for the company and looking forward to the next time I can join you.


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