One Snapper, Pedro, 10Jan12

Hi All,

I launched this morning around 4.45am and headed for little halls trolling a HB.  As the wind was NW, I planned to then head for JS with the tailwind.

I arrived at JS without a hit so changed to a spaniard special and trolled around for another hour without any joy. Not to be beaten, I bottom bashed for about two hours and finally landed a 44cm snapper.

The bay seems even thicker with baitfish and there was some surface action NE of JS. I caught up with but they didn't like my offering. They seemed to be small bonito. I also saw a stinky land a longtail around 8kg.

Sorry I can't report a bagout on snapper,spotties and spanish ( I think I would sink)

Good luck tomorrow.It might be worth taking a bait jig as there were plenty of herring at JS.


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