Laguna Bay quiet, 19Jan12

TR by Jaro

From: "Jaro Cerny"
Date: 19 January 2012 11:36:55 AEST
Subject: Fishing Today Thursday 19/01/2012

Conditions: Cloudy with ocasional very light drizzle and sun patches. Wind pretty constant at around 8 knots from the S to SE.
Participants: Pedro, Jaro

I arrived at the car park at 4.30am to find Pedro preparing his yak. Pedro had checked the scene and said it looked easy and easy it was. The tide was in and except for an ocasional big wave none broke at the end of MG so we both got out totally dry.

Due to the off shore wind the sea was calm in Laguna Bay. After getting organised we decided to follow the National Park coastline to Granite Bay. On the way birds in the hundreds flew over us out to sea. We were hoping that was an omen for things to come.

It was not to be as, except for the odd bird here and there, we didn't see any decent bird activity the whole time we were out there. On arrival at Granite Bay, as the conditions were still good, we decided to go to JS.

Once there, I started to do bottom fishing while Pedro continued trolling and after a while he too started bottom fishing. Pedro got one small bite for the whole morning. I had a little more excitement as when I was reeling in my pilchard to do another drift, I got a powerful strike and the fish started to pull out the line at a rapid rate. Half the reel went out and I was starting to worry that it was going to empty the reel when it went slack. Bugger!! It took everything. It was probably a shark and a big one at that.

After another half hour or so we pulled the pin at around 7.45am and paddled back to MG via the National Park uneventfully. The tide was now out and there were some big sets coming in. However, like the pros we were, we timed it perfectly and paddled in together and never looked like we could end up in trouble.

So all in all a disappointing day on a day when the conditions were pretty good.


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  1. How was the water clarity?
    I would think that all this rain would have pushed a lot of dirty water out into the bay, and dirtied it up. Mackeral & tuna certainly don't like dirty water. Not sure about the reef fish, but I would think they may be similar...