Better than, Andy, 6Jan12

After being sidelined from yaking for 5 months, today was my first opportunity to blow some cobwebs out (literally) and I thought the weather looked suitable. 

I had a late start this morning at 5am. I was obviously not the first to be parked in the car park, although I'm unsure of who drives what, so I'm not sure whose wheel-tracks were carved into the sand down to the water.  The wheel marks weren't from the moon wheels that have been recently purchased by some NY so that ruled out a few.  
The launch was uneventful although the odd larger set breaks at the end of the rock wall of middle groyne. I trolled a deep diving lure out to Jew Shoal without a touch.  Upon reaching one of my marks on the South-East of Jew Shoal I did a few drifts with my light outfit to only capture 1 undersized snapper.  Not one boat nor yak was out at JS as everyone else was heading out wider.  There were very few birds bombing but there was the odd explosion of baitfish on the surface.
Being my first time back on the water for quite awhile, and not fully fit, I thought I better not expend too much energy paddling back for more drifts so I decided to return back to land.  Again, I trolled without a touch and returned through the small break without incident.
Although I didn't capture anything of note it was great to be back on the water and noteable it glassed out, just as predicted on Seabreeze, shortly after I returned to MG.
A bad days fishing is better than a good day's work!!

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