So you thought the Longtails had gone? 31 August 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 31 August 2015
Participants: Diesel; Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind SSW less than 10 knots, High Tide 9 am, Drift at Little Halls to NE
Keen Angler Program: Nothing donated

We arrived at MG car park at 5.10 am and were ready to launch before 5.30 am.  The launch was easy although I was a bit complacent and managed to get sprayed.  We decided to head for Little Halls.  After hearing that a large fish had recently been caught on a deep diving lure, Diesel bought a Halco125 DD lure that dives to 5 metres.  He trolled this while I trolled my lucky Rapala X-Rap.
Diesel's new lure (now with some teeth marks)

At 5.45 am, within 500 metres of Middle Groyne Diesel's reel started to scream.  Line peeled off the Charter Special as the fish made aggressive runs.  Diesel tightened the drag and proceeded to get towed back towards MG.  He recorded his route on the GPS below:

Diesel's route as he fought the Longtail
During the battle Diesel thought he may have a shark, but as the fish started circling beneath the kayak it became clear he had a Tuna.  After 30 minutes at 6.15 am he gaffed the Longtail and placed it in the hatch.

Diesel's Longtail in the hatch
Diesel's first Longtail
We continued to Little Halls where I did several laps with my Rapala hoping for a repeat of the recent Jewie catch but to no avail.  Diesel switched to bottom bashing and landed a 36 cm Snapper on squid bait.  I then switched to soft plastics and caught (and released) a 35 cm Snapper and dropped a larger one that spat the hook.  Diesel had a couple of decent bites but did not catch any more fish.

We headed back to MG at around 10 am and were met by Sunshiner.  It was a fun morning out.  Good luck to those going tomorrow or Wednesday!

The Longtail went 107 cm, snapper 36 cm

In the background Diesel is negotiating with a surfer to hold his Tuna

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