Big Jew at Little Halls, 28 August 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 28 August 2015
Participants: Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind variable less than 5 knots; High Tide 6.30 am; Intermittent rain
Keen Angler Program: Nothing donated

I loaded up last night as the forecasts were for little or no wind, but was hesitant on whether to go as rain was forecast for today.  Sunshiner had also loaded up and was planning to go on condition that the rain stopped.  I woke at 4.30 am to the sound of rain, but decided to head up to Noosa and go out if the rain eased.  On arrival I got a message from Sunshiner that as it was raining he was heading back to bed.  I decided to wait until sunrise before deciding whether to head out.  I spent about half an hour fishing off the rock wall in the river (without success) until the rain cleared, then headed out from Middle Groyne.

It was clearly raining on the horizon so I thought it best to stay in close in case the weather worsened and therefore headed for Little Halls.  I trolled a deep diving Rapala X-Rap Magnum across the river mouth then out to Little Halls.
Rapala lure
This lure dives to around 6 m, but probably a bit less behind a kayak.  I decided to troll a few circuits of Little Halls before switching to soft plastics. Just north of Little Halls the reel started screaming, I grabbed the rod and straight away realized it was a decent fish.  The initial run was only about 40 metres but strong and steady rather than the aggressive runs you get from a Tuna.  The fish turned and I was able to retrieve about 10 metres of line before the second powerful run.  The fish then headed down and I was worried I might get reefed.  As it stayed down and the movement was powerful but steady I started to wonder if it could be a shark.  Gradually I gained line and started moving the fish towards the kayak.  Worried that it might be a shark I got my knife in a position where I could cut the line quickly if needed.  But once the fish was about 10 metres from the kayak my heart rate doubled as I realized it was a big Jew. After a 25 minute battle the Jewfish was beside the kayak, gaffed and in the hatch

Jewfish tail sticking out the hatch
Once the Jewfish was in the hatch I could not pull him back out to retrieve my Rapala so I cut the line and attached a  Halco 120 lure.  I then trolled this around Little Halls and about 20 minutes later picked up a 35 cm Snapper which I released.

I stopped on Little Halls and jigged soft plastics for about 20 minutes without success, then headed back to MG trolling the Halco lure.  On arrival I contacted Sunshiner who kindly came down to measure the fish and take some photos.

Yes, that is a smile!

Photo by Sunshiner

Noosa Yakkers Record

The fish measured 121 cm and weighed 16.8 kg.  There was quite a bit of interest from people on the beach with one lady asking if I had caught it with the gaff, while another said her husband also caught a fish once.

On Facebook I put a picture of the tail, with a teaser asking Noosa Yakkers to guess the species, length and weight of the fish.  Stormin was closest (he guessed a Jewie of 115 cm)

Good luck to those going tomorrow!


  1. Well, my record stood for two years and one week. Very happy for tunny to take it off me. I'll be back! Kev

  2. Well done tunny. Happy for you. Was at my local tackle shop buying bait for tomorrow when i saw the pic. Ask him what fish is it and how big. He said its a jewie and about 115 to 120 ������