A little pearler! 14Aug15

TR by sunshiner

Wind: gentle SW at first, then ~calm after about 9:00am
Swell: 1.m S
Water temp: 20.6°C
Tides: 7:45 am : 1.40 H; 1:44 pm : 0.21 L
Current: none detected
Launch point: Middle Groyne (but other Noosa Yakkers launched at Moffat's Beach, Caloundra -- see our Facebook group post for info)
Surface action: none
Participants: sunshiner
My trip distance: 11km
Keen Angler Program: nothing donated

I'm pretty much where I want to be at this time of my life: few if any work commitments and maximum spare time for my favourite outdoor pursuit: getting out into the ocean on my beloved yak and trying (often in vain) to catch fish for the table. Of course, living in Noosa helps, as it costs me almost nothing in time or money to launch and paddle out. What I'm leading up to here is that it really doesn't matter to me if I don't catch fish every time ("Just as well!" I hear some of you say.). A decent fish every now and again is enough for me, and during the course of a year I get 'em. I'm sure some of you feel the same.

So to today. I spotted the possible weather opportunity a day or so ago, made sure I had no domestic commitments and launched a little later because the wind didn't drop to a reasonable level until around 6:00am (thanks, BOM, for MetEye). I arose from my warm bed at 06:30; that's a sleep-in by our usual standards.

As you can see, a daylight launch for a change. MetEye's forecast for the Noosa area was spot on, to the hour.

A couple of the local dolphins greeted me at launch, cavorting around the glassy inner bay. Crystal clear water. Cloudless sky. Magpie chortling in the distance. Who cares if the fish don't bite?

I can still do the paddle out to Jew Shoal in less than 40 minutes. Did it in about 35 today (assistance from a light SW, further out). Had the shoal all to myself most of the time.

First cast of my SP was 8:08am and by 9:08am I hadn't had a hit. A fair bit of bait showing on the sonar and my experimental banana prawn bait on the trailing outfit was gobbled up by pickers within minutes. I'm wondering how many prawns the prawn users go through in a session out here. The prawns are about 70c each which is not much cheaper than a soft plastic.

Pearl perch, about 25cm (released, legal min is 35cm). My only fish of the morning. Note the SP is reusable.

So I fished on for another two hours. Not even a grinner!

Paddled the 4km back in about 35 minutes in near glassy conditions and felt really good as I dragged my yak up the beach past the few holidaymakers and (elderly) leather skinned locals idly sunning themselves next to the groyne. They think they have it good but I know I have it better! Even without a take-home fish!

Thanks for reading.

Kev Long
Author Kayak Fishing Manual for iPhone, iPad and Mac (click linked text to view)
Stealth Supalite X, yellow/orange

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  1. Sunshiner - nice reflection and I can relate to what you are saying. Cheers Beejay.