Big Spaniard, 24Mar13

TR by WhaleBait

A solo trip report today from me as Gemini and BJ pulled out due to launch conditions. I launched at 5:30am and paddled out to Sunshine Reef. The water is still very dirty with a few birds heading north but no surface action.

I did 1 drift with no action so started paddling back up my drift line when my trolled pillie was smashed. The first run very nearly spooled me and after 45 minutes, 2 more big runs and an epic tug of war under the kayak, I now found myself along way from home (southern end of Abay) with a very large Spaniard on my lap.

It was a very slow and unbalanced trip home which took nearly 2hours. Somehow I managed to land upright back on the beach.

The 162 cm beast weighed in at Davos at 24kg.

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Photo by Bill Watson / Davo's Fishing Tackle.

Sorry for the rambling report but very tired. My first paddle for 3 months.

cheers, Brian


  1. As soon as the yak was loaded on the ute again that wind dropped off...bugger!

    That's an epic fish mate. Well done!

  2. Hey Brian, great catch.
    That's a new NY record for a spaniard ... by quite a margin. Make sure you claim it!


  3. Hi Brian
    "Sorry for the rambling report but very tired. My first paddle for 3 months."

    You wimp. One fish and you're done for. Lol.

    Ripper record.


  4. Congratulations Brian, your decision to brave it paid off well "fortune favours the brave".