Sharks, Mac Tuna: 27 May 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 27 May 2015
Participants: Pedro, Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind S average less than 10 knots with stronger gusts, Low Tide 9h45, Swell 1 m
Keen Angler Program: They don't take sharks.

I arrived at the MG car park at 5h35 to find Pedro's car and a kayak track down to the launch area.  It was an outgoing tide but the launch was easy.  I radioed Pedro to find he was at Little Halls and decided to head in that direction trolling a Halco 120 lure.  There were no signs of birds or fish breaking the surface.

Sunrise near Little Halls
About 400 metres from Little Halls the reel started screaming and a short while later I had a Mac tuna alongside the boat which I released.

Mac Tuna on the Halco 120
I called Pedro to let him know what I had caught and he replied that his live Yakka had been taken but the fish had failed to hook up.  He put out two more live Yakkas but both were bitten off without the hook being taken.  On the fourth attempt he hooked a shark.

By now there was some patchy bird activity with occasional small bust ups of what appeared to be Mac Tuna.  I chased the bird action but this was always beyond casting distance.  I then trolled along the coast line between Little Halls and the river mouth a few times with no success.

Pedro continued fishing at Little Halls and caught another three sharks.  By 9 am I decided I had had enough, and headed back to MG.  The beach landing at MG was easy and on arrival I met Mick Binney (call sign Hobie-wan) who did not fish today as his Hobie Revo is in for repairs.  But the kayak should be ready for action soon and he is hoping to get out later this week.  Sunshiner also came down to the beach to see what he had missed and let me know he is planning to get out possibly Friday and Sunday.

I am not sure if I will get out again this week, but the weather looks likely to improve so good luck to those who manage a fishing trip.

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