Fat lady hazards. 04May15

TR by sunshiner

Wind: light SW-S (as forecast by MetEye)
Swell: 1.5m E
Water temp: 25°C
Tides: 2:11 am : 0.46 L; 7:58 am : 1.56 H
Current: n/a
Launch point: Middle Groyne
Surface action: Yes, all tuna
Participants: diesel, sunshiner
Keen Angler Program: missed out again today as we couldn't catch anything

Even though winter is approaching (diesel and I both wore wetsuits today), the launch at dawn onto placid waters in Laguna Bay remains breathtaking. We were afloat, relatively dry, by around 05:40 and sat on a glassy sea, with just the merest hint of the light SW we were expecting.

We'd previously agreed that today would be mainly a recce, to see how our fishing spots had responded to the recent violent weather. We old codgers have the time, although it's rapidly running down, and need the exercise, so why not. We headed for Jew Shoal, noticing terns heading our way also. Nothing to report on the journey north as our trolled lures remained untouched and no sign of feeding fish.

Except, that is, after we started bottom fishing at Jew Shoal where the water seemed greener than normal and a little cloudy. Out to the east as the light slowly increased, we could spot terns flitting around. We both paddled out and got close enough to several of the very brief bustups to identify both mac tuna and decent sized longtails, clearing the water exuberantly. This action was brief and by around 07:30 it started to shut down almost totally, just as it had in the last few trips.

Being fishless, I suggested A-Bay Reef, which was closer now than Jew Shoal. In perfect conditions, we were there in about 30 minutes. Diesel didn't have this mark on his nav system so he took the opportunity to grab it. He tried both SPs and bait, the latter eventually attracting a 1m shark (inadvertently released). I was using SPs only and didn't even get a bite. After 90 minutes, at 09:30, we called it quits and headed for Middle Groyne, about an hour away.

Again, nothing to report except occasional individual splashes, but not inside the bay. Oh, and a pod of dolphins off Hells Gates.

It was one of those days when even eyetag would have stored all his gear before running the gauntlet at Main Beach. We begged off our usual route and chose the eastern side because the waves were breaking simultaneously across about a 200m width of beach. Yes they were shories, but tall, steep-faced and plentiful.

Here we are, waiting our chance. I've just cleared this oncoming wave. Diesel's hoping he does so (he did, but for a moment I thought he was a goner). See brief movie below.

Just as I committed myself, a fairly large lady decided to enter the water from the beach. She was right in my path and I, with a decent wave building behind me, couldn't change my mind. So I tried to warn her by shouting out and by hand signals, all the time trying to keep my speed up to match the wave. I missed her but the wave got me, and I ended up with a wet arse.

Very refreshing on this sunny autumn morning.

Kev Long
Author Kayak Fishing Manual for iPad and Mac (click linked text to view)
Stealth Supalite X, yellow/orange

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