Jew Shoal and Little Halls: 5 May 2015

TR by Tunny
Trip date: 5 May 2015
Participants: Jaro, Jimbo, Tunny
Launch Site:  MG
Conditions: Wind variable less than 5 knots; Swell 1.3 m, Current to the NE
Keen Angler Program: None

We left the beach at 5.40 am, with Jaro launching west of the rock wall while Jimbo and I opted to go from the eastern side.  There was a decent shore break with quite large waves at close intervals, but we all got out fine (although wet). We rigged up, then headed for Jew Shoal trolling hard bodied lures.  There were no signs of any birds or bust-ups on the way to Jew Shoal and no action at all until almost 7 am.

At Jew Shoal Jimbo started bottom bashing while Jaro and I kept trolling.  From 7 am onwards there were a number of sporadic bust-ups of what appeared to be Mac Tuna which were accompanied by a few diving birds.  We chased these bust-ups but rarely got close enough to cast a slug or soft plastic.

Jaro was the first to get within casting distance and briefly hooked up but after a short fight the fish broke the line. Jimbo persited with bottom bashing but failed to get any bites. In addition to the ongoing small bust-ups there were patches of silver bait fish about 2 cm long jumping out the water without any signs of larger fish at the surface. Thinking that the larger fish may be deeper I dropped a soft plastic through the bait fish, let it settle to the bottom then lifted it through the bait without success.  We also cast slugs, let them sink through the bait then retrieved rapidly without a bite.

After 8 am the bust-ups died down and Jaro decided to head back via Granite Bay while Jimbo continued bottom bashing.  I headed for Little Halls trolling a Halco 120 and passed a few small bust-ups but could not entice the fish to take either my lure or Halco Twisty slug.

While at Little Halls we got a message from Jaro that he had landed successfully at MG despite quite big sets of waves coming through.  Jimbo followed him in about 30 minutes later and I was the last to arrive. Sunshiner had come down to the beach to view the catch, but given that there was nothing to look at he opted to film my beach landing.

No fish, but a fun day on the water.

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