Tunny does Halls. 02Jun14

TR by tunny
Wind: less than 5 knots, variable
Swell: 1 metre
Current: negligible
Launch point: MG
Participants: tunny
Keen Angler Program: 1 Spanish Mackerel contributed

I was on the beach at MG by 6am. The sky was overcast and there were a few drops of rain but this soon stopped, the clouds lifted and it turned out to be a glorious day. The launch at close to low tide was no problem and I headed past the river mouth towards Little Halls with my extra large skirted pilchard in tow.

A few birds were diving on arrival at Little Halls and small bait fish about 1cm long were occasionally breaking the surface. I did a few circuits of the reef without any success. As I could not see any bird action on the horizon I decided to persist with Little Halls but with no bites after an hour decided to head for Halls.

As I approached Halls the sea was calm, there were no bust ups, no birds, no signs of the bait fish I encountered at Little Halls and no boats. A few circuits of Halls yielded nothing. Just as I was starting to think that coming to Halls was the wrong decision my reel started screaming and the fight was on. It felt like a good size fish and made some solid runs but finally I got it to the side of my kayak. A Spaniard - and the biggest one I have caught from a Kayak, measuring 120 cm.

I continued trolling around Halls for another hour without any further success, then headed home via Little Halls. At Little Halls the birds were still diving but the fish were not biting. This may have been due to the presence of a pod of dolphins.

I arrived back at MG at 11.00 am and with the tide closer to high the beach landing was no problem.

Great day out - look forward to the next one!

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