Grinners are not winners 8Jun14

TR by Redwood

Trip date: 8 June 2014
Participants: Redwood
Launch Site:  MG
Destination:  Zululand 
Conditions: 20-25knot wind from South East, 2m swell
Keen Angler Program: none

After an evening walk around the headland I decided that conditions in the bay were conducive to a session in the morning as long as I stayed in close.

MG at 6.30am
I arrived at MG at around 6.30 and the bay looked a picture and the launch looked as easy as they come (even Doggie Beach looked doable the evening before, but strong wind and 2m swell meant a no go for me).

After a dead easy launch I rigged up a HLP on one side and a pillie on a safa rig on the other. I thought that a troll past the river mouth might be in order before I headed for the calmer waters in the lee of the headland. The mouth produced nothing, but the wind did push me out quite quickly. I turned around and headed for the shark nets near little Little Cove and then NE along the headland. Being quite late in the day there was a lot of activity around, walkers, fishermen, kayakers, divers and crazy Tree Tree to Main Beach swimmers. I'd never kayaked so close to the headland before so it was great to explore everything and get a fee for it from the water side.

Seriously quick surf ski paddlers. The seemed to have no issue rounding the headland in the wind and big swell and no issue going really close to the rocks. One straggler was having a hard time just balancing, one paddle then brace and balance, then another paddle and brace and balance. No wonder he was falling behind.
Tiny red dot in the water in the middle was a very keen but obviously poor judge of surf breaks long board surfer
Small yacht glistening on the sunlight.
I eventually made my way to the Fairy Pools and thought I'd have a peak at conditions out of the lee. Yikes! The 2m swell was horrible and the wind was strong so I quickly turned around and headed for the shelter of Granite Bay where I decided to do a bit of bottom bashing. When I got into calm waters I checked my rigs and found the fast turning an rough conditions and tangled them all up and I had to cut the line to untangle. Luckily I got my HLP back and with it came a Grinner. Beauty! No doughnut for me. I did a bit of bottom bashing in the bay just for the hell of it and this only resulted in a few nibbles on my 1/2 a pillie.

After a while I packed it in and headed for home trolling a small medium diving HB I'd not used in a while. When I got back to MG and reeled the line in I found I had Grinner #2 attached. This one was released (the other one drowned).

The beach landing was again a breeze, but I did pull up right behind a bridal photo shoot. Bugger! no fish for the ultimate fish holder to hold. Instead I thought I'd take a few pics myself. The bride and her bridesmaid were game and turned for a smile. Thanks ladies, come back again for your next wedding and hopefully I'l have a fish.

There's going to be a yak in them-thar wedding pics
Good sports and great smiles

Not the most thrilling day, but still a very enjoyable way to spend a morning in Noosa.


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