Solstice donut. 21Dec13

TR by sunshiner

Wind: SW ~5 knots
Swell: 1.2m E
Water temp: 25.5°C
Current: at Jew Shoal, not much
Launch point: Middle Groyne
Participants: gemini, jono, tarzan, stormin, baptism, couta and Dad Ian, jaro, sunshiner

Perfect offshore conditions today, complete with a small wave at launch and return to make things more interesting. It was jono's first launch through the surf zone today and first time offshore and he took to it like a flathead to a sandbank. Couta came all the way from the Goldie, bringing his Durban-based Dad to show him what Noosa has to offer.

Ian, visitor from Durban, ready to launch.

In the event, the hoped-for predatory fish were a no-show, but we just had to get out there to find out.

Jew Shoal had the no-vacancy sign out for baitfish, there were so many out there, but all down deep, and few if any predators pushing them up to the surface. Jaro had a powerful strike on his HLP but the fish self-released after a screaming run. Gemini and stormin saw at least one longtail leaving the water. Couta thoroughly soaked a live bait for nil result. Gemini also hooked a slimy mackerel on a cast slug (haven't seen many of these at Jew Shoal).

Go-Pro pic of gemini’s slimy mackerel, top bait, live or dead.

The rest of us had no action at all. I paddled 16km non-stop, trolling all the way, and others would have had a similar result.

The beach returns were made more interesting by the participants in a judo club Christmas party, all of whom seemed to be kids. They packed onto our launch beach and the entire club simultaneously proceeded to put on coordinated judo demos in the shallows, all the time wearing those white jacket and pants outfits.

Somehow we managed not to collide with them. Jono did a great job of his first re-entry, putting on a fine show for his wife and three kids who cheered from the top of the groyne and everyone arrived on the beach the right way up.

Jono arrives back at Middle Groyne, to the relief of his family. Collage of stills from a small movie file.

Man, when those predators arrive it'll be carnage out there. Try to take every opportunity to get out. Monday's looking like my next best chance.

Kev Long
Author Kayak Fishing Manual for iPad and Mac (click linked text to view)
Stealth Supalite X, yellow/orange

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