Final Jack in Noosa, 08Dec13

TR by Cybertech,
Wind: 5 - 10 knots
Swell: NA
Current: run out tide
Launch point: Noosa Sound
Participants: cybertech

Woooooohooooo repeated about 10 or so times were the exact words I expressed on Sunday night. I decided to head out for a sunset paddle around 5pm. Low tide was around 7 pm so I thought I would stay out for a fish till change of tide. Running up and down woods bay resulting only in hair tale I tried my luck out around the mouth of the river. 2 trips later, then bang the reel starts screaming. Absolutely pumped that this might be a jack for which could be my last fish in the river. 10 minutes later safely netted this wicked fella.

Jack for the evening

52cm Jack

I caught this bad boy on eye tags favourite. The trusty gold bomber.

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  1. Just got back from a quick river run... was waiting with baited breath for that reel to start singing, but alas, niks. Well done mate.


  2. Oh, and the other NY and I are assuming that we get 25% off everything at the new store. Right? Goes without saying that Joyce Main Townsville will stock sounders. Congrats on that too.


  3. Good work Matt, nice Jack. Good luck in your new venture and thanks very much for all your help in the past.
    Pity we didn't get to have a fish together, you were a bit slow at joining NY but you got there in the end!

    Thanks mate.

  4. Haha yes Redwood discounts all round. Make sure you call rockhamton store though not Townsville. Been doing a bit of research and Yeppoon and emu park looks awesome fun for the yak.

    Thanks Jeff. Hopefully we meet up again one day. We got a Tassie trip planned September next year.