LB foray, 21Jun12

TR by Tiberium

G'day yakkers

Sorry for not writing this on the day we went out but just didn't get to it till now.

Woke up at 5am on Thursday (had the day off school) feeling really excited for it being my first time EVER on the ocean. I got down to the beach at 5:45 being early with no one there yet and started to rig up the yak while watching the sunrise.

My mate Carlton got there at 6 but there was supposed to be one more person coming so we waited for 30 minutes not knowing he wasn't coming anymore. Should have looked at the emails before bed.

I'm the one next to the Profish and that's Carlton with his aircraft carrier


6:30 Carlton and I launched heading to Little Hall's hoping for some reefies for dinner and maybe some mackerel or tuna because we heard there had been some action with the pelagics that week so we trolled all the way there. We got closer to Little Halls and saw a lot of bust ups in the distance but when we got close to them saw it was only dolphins.

With the wind picking up to 10 knots and not getting anything from Little Halls we headed to Jew Shoal. On the way there we saw a massive bust up not far from the shore that went on for 15 minutes or so and of cause we had to be too far from it so we didn't bother with it (now I wish we did).

Coming onto Jew Shoal

At Jew Shoal we threw out the sea anchor and drifted some pilchards. We sat there for half an hour still with no hook ups only some bites and then, getting hungry, we decided to call it a day and took off to Tea-tree Bay for some lunch.

Tea-tree Bay

After lunch we thought “Why not give the river a go?” To make a long story short, no fish again.

I had a lot fun and I think I'm getting the grasp of why people love kayak fishing. Of cause catching fish is the main thing but the beauty you see from the yak and where the yak will take you, getting some exercise, meeting new people, having fun with a mate and much more are all important. All up we got nothing but I had fun and can’t wait for next time I go out.




  1. Hey Izak, good story and great pics, pity about the fish. I'm a little interested in your chosen nickname "Tiberium". Its not a particularly good name for use over a radio (which you will hopefully get eventually - no pressure, honestly). Is there some ancient Roman meaning in this name or perhaps a family meaning?

    1. Hey Jimbo Sorry for the late reply.

      My nickname has nothing to do with Tiberius, funny thing is Tiberium is a game
      that I have played since a young lad and I would always use Tiberium for usernames.

      Cheers Izak